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The Failure Addressing Violence In Chicago

NO AMOUNT of police presence alone can resolve the desperate economic conditions by which so much of the random violence is rooted. Far too much of the criminal activity is not connected to ANY established street gangs. You resolve a desperate economic problem with a desperate economic solution. Anyone who is a veteran organizer/activist working... Read more »

The Abandonment Of Ronald Holt To Remain Director Of Chicago's CAPS Program

Rev. Al Sharpton called Mark Allen “One of Chicago’s legendary political activists” ‘And The Ordinary People Said’ Mark S. Allen, THE ABANDONMENT OF RONALD HOLT TO REMAIN DIRECTOR OF THE CHICAGO CAPS PROGRAM !!   No press conferences, no press statements, no rallies, no talk show segments, no editorials of mainstream or Black media,... Read more »

Ronald Holt Should Be Retained As CAPS Director by Mayor Emanuel and New Chicago Police Chief-Designee Garry McCarthy

Veteran Activist Call for Retention of Ronald Holt as CAPS Director   After the popular selection of Al Wysinger as 1st Deputy of The Chicago Police Department Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and new Chicago Police Supertintendent-designee Garry McCarthy should now make a public commitment to retain Ronald Holt as the Director of The CAPS program.  Even... Read more »

Chicago Black Activists Applaud Black Being Selected 1st Deputy by Chicago Police Superintendent-Designee Garry McCarthy, now Lobbying for Ronald Holt's Retention As Director of CAPS

Today Veteran Black Community Activists Mark Allen and Wallace “Gator” Bradley applauded new Chicago Police Superintendent-Designee Garry McCarthy’s selection of Al Wysinger as his 1st Deputy, a position that Wysinger as one of the finalists for Superintendent is uniquely qualified for and not just because of his Blackness.      A Coalition of Black community leaders... Read more »

Will New Chicago Police Chief McCarthy Appoint a Black 1st Deputy?

New Chicago Police Chief-Designee Garry McCarthy can score major political points with Black Aldermen who have to vote on his confirmation who have recently publicly criticized Mayor Elect Emanuel for the lack of Black faces in high level appointments in what is still a majority Black populated City. And McCarthy may score political points with... Read more »