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Dr. King Memorial Dedication Set For October 16th, But The Question Of It's Symbolism Or Substance Lies Directly In The Hands Of Our Collective National Black Leadership

Dr. Boyce Watkins released one his news blogs on the announcement of the new dedication date for The Dr. King Memorial is set for October 16th, and Watkins also mentions that many of our national Black leaders have questioned whether this memorial represents more of symbolism than the substance of Dr. King’s work while he... Read more »

Veteran Activist Mark Allen, Rev. Michael Carter, Sr, National Black Wall Street USA Publicly Join NAACP, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and Others On National Campaign To Stop Sept 21st Georgia Execution of Troy Davis

On behalf of Rev. Michael Carter, National Chairman/President of National Black Wall Street-USA and our chapters and members across the United States, I am pleased to announce that The National Black Wall Street USA have joined The NAACP, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Rev Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr and the national civil rights organizations and... Read more »

Call To ACTION !! - Rocky Clark Is DYING: Unless We Find a Way To HELP !!

To our religious, civic, and political leaders, and to our local and national media!!!  Are we WAITING on this young boy to DIE and THEN do a feature on “What we could have done to prevent his death?”  President Obama, did we just fight for healthcare reform only to watch it NOT work to save... Read more »

Press Conference to be Held for Tonya McDowell Hosted by Gwen Samuel and the CT Parent's Union (Preventing Homeless Prosecution)

Press Conference to be Held for Tonya McDowell Hosted by Gwen Samuel and the CT Parent’s Union By Staff Closed Categories: Uncategorized Tags: connecticut parents union, gwen samuel, tanya mcdowell, tonya mcdowell WE MUST PUT CHILDREN FIRST! Press Conference: April 27, 2011 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. [For the Educational Rights of Homeless and ALL Children,... Read more »

Dr Boyce Watkins Reports: "Meet Rocky Clark: His Insurance Company Has Left Him to Die!"

Meet Rocky Clark: His Insurance Company Has Left Him to Die By Staff Closed Categories: Uncategorized Tags: rocky clark by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World – Scholarship in Action  The story of Rasul “Rocky” Clark is a cautionary tale to all the mothers who send their sons to the football field on Saturday afternoon. Ten... Read more »

Donna Brazile to Meet with Cornel West to Discuss President Obama, (Dr. Boyce Watkins Reports in YOUR BLACK WORLD)

Donna Brazile to Meet with Cornel West to Discuss President Obama By Staff Closed Categories: Uncategorized by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World – Scholarship in Action  The black political grapevine recently informed me that respected political strategist Donna Brazile plans to meet with Professor Cornel West at Princeton University. The meeting was apparently arranged in... Read more »

Dr. Boyce Watkins 2nd's Cornel West's Black History Month Endorsement of Carol Moseley Braun

Excerpts from Endorsement from Boyce Watkins, PhD This weekend, Professor Cornel West gave a strong endorsement to Carol Moseley Braun‘s attempt to become the next mayor of Chicago. West didn’t have very many good things to say about Moseley Braun’s leading opponent, Rahm Emanuel. He referred to Emanuel as an outsider and a candidate who... Read more »

My Media Brother Dr. Boyce Watkins Talks About Rev. Al Sharpton Being Challenged On His Finances By New York Daily News

Monday, November 29, 2010 Al Sharpton Attacked by the New York Daily News by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action  It’s not easy fighting for civil rights and running organizations that stand up for the freedoms of the oppressed. If you’re good at what you do, your enemies will try anything to... Read more »

NAACP Responds to Dr. Boyce Watkins and Other National Bloggers on NAACP Partnering With Wells Fargo

  Most Black led organizations would probably be out of business if they had to depend on the Black wealth in this world to support and sustain them. Far too maany Black people with wealth would not have done so without the struggles of our elders in opening up the door BUT how many of... Read more »

Statements on Death Of Civil Rights Icon Dorothy Height -- Activist Recommendation for "Dorothy Height" Female Civil Rights Leadership Training Institute

Statement of Veteran Activist Mark S. Allen on the death of Dorothy Height, Civil Rights Icon   “Of course those of us in the civil rights community are saddened at the death of our legendary Dr. Dorothy Height, longtime Chair of The National Council on Negro Women, for her many years of service helping to... Read more »