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Wallace "Gator" Bradley Criticizes Sun Times Endorsement Of Kim Foxx For States Attorney

submission by BY WALLACE “GATOR” BRADLEY CRITICIZING SUN TIMES ENDORSEMENT OF KIM FOXX   The endorsement of Kim Foxx by anyone in general and the Chicago Sun-Times in particular gives the appearance of the cover-up of criminal activity known as PAY2PLAY The concerns the the Chicago Tribune made mention of in the Endorsement of Kim... Read more »

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Shaw demands retraction/apology from media

  Shaw demands retraction/apology from media   Denies Washington called him a ‘two-bit hustler’       By Chinta Strausberg     Angered at “false and deliberately misleading” media reports, Chicago mayoral candidate Robert Shaw Saturday demanded a retraction and an apology from reporters who claimed that Mayor Harold Washington called him a “two-bit hustler.”... Read more »

Congressman Jackson Not Mentioned As IDOT and FAA confirm that South Suburban Airport WILL be built !

During Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr’s medical leave and stories about his legislative record and November elections, The Sun Times and other local and national media have went to great lengths examining the impact of his legacy, so I found it interesting how The Sun Times and other media recently ran an extensive story featuring a... Read more »

Black Community Protest At Sun Times Over Columnist Neil Steinberg's Insults To Carol Moseley Braun, Black Leaders, and Black Press

On Tuesday, Dec. 28th at 12 Noon a cross section of leadership from the Black coommunity will stage a public demonstration and press conference against the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper at 350 N. Orleans near the Chicago River. African-American clergy, business owners and community leaders expressed outrage over a column written by Neil Steinberg in the... Read more »