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Leading Black Business Executives Pledge Financial Support To Carol Moseley Braun For Chicago Mayor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Renee Ferguson Friday, December 31, 2010 312-848-4432     LEADING AFRICAN-AMERICAN BUSINESS EXECUTIVES PLEDGE FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR CAROL MOSELEY BRAUN     December 31, 2010 — Some of Chicago’s most prominent African-American business executives have announced their endorsement of mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun, and have pledged to provide... Read more »

Mark Allen, former aide to Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr, Joins Jackson's Call For "Politically Mature" Decision Between Braun and Davis, BUT....

As a 38 year political activist and a student of so many of our elder leaders from the Late Lu Palmer, Vernon Jarrett, to Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr and with the Rev. Al Sharpton who called me “one of Chicago’s Legendary Political activists” and Rev. Jackson and other elders referred to me as “Little... Read more »

Danny Davis' "Personal Ambition" Greater Than Rev. Meeks' In Chicago Mayors Race?

Meeks “personal” ambitions cannot override the collective political power of his seniority and Chairmanship, now will Davis’ “personal” ambitions override the political power of our hard earned seniority with him on House Ways and Means Committee, the most powerful committee in Congress? Will Davis’ personal ambition prevail, or will he follow the example set by... Read more »

Laura Washington Concludes "Consensus Candidate Process" Column With "black Chicago is holding a losing hand," I'm not giving up on unity

EDITORS NOTE:“It’s time to start listening to the new voices and leadership of the next generation when our elder and established leadership fail us in a crisis as this, and there is nothing wrong in respectively challenging elders and established leadership a new vision. And all is not lost in the current candidacies of multiple... Read more »

Next Generation Leaders expose "Politics As Usual" In Chicago "Consensus" Candidate Selection Process

Congressman Davis gets the support POLITICS AS USUAL The Coalition to Select a Damn Mayor Respect the process was the theme word for this three month search to identify and provide the Black community, and the entire city with a viable candidate to compete for the 5th floor at City Hall. The tiresome process took... Read more »

Chicago Black Leaders Know That Just Proclaiming A "Consensus" Candidate Does Not Work In Elections

Alderman Toni Preckwinkle is the new Cook County Board President and the most recent example that when a group of Black leaders proclaim who a “consensus” candidate is for the Black community that Black candidates and politicians go against that consensus and win elections over the one that was the group of Black leaders called... Read more »