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The Willie Wilson Story - Commentary By Carl West of TBT News Service

The Willie Wilson Story Special Commentary by Carl West, Publisher of The TruthBTold (TBT) News Service and a co-founder of The Next Generation Leadership Council Let me first express that I am not making an endorsement of mayoral candidate Dr. Willie Wilson. Today, these Works of Words will examine a man who’s done what so... Read more »

Carl West Launching New On-Line TV Talk Show 'Speak The TRUTH' Online T.V. Show

  Mark Allen & Carl West File Photo by Tenille Brooks Mark Allen Congratulates Carl West’s Launching of New On-Line TV Talk Show Speak The TRUTH Online T.V. Show Contributing Correspondent: CDW Carl West “As you’re reading these Works of Words, I’m hard at work in the T.V. studio recording five shows that will appear... Read more »

Carl West of "Next" Generation Leadership Council contributes by his commentary on "next" generation leaders as "Now" generation leaders

Carl West contributes by his commentary on “next” generation leaders as “current” generation leaders I was having an off-the-cuff chat with Hermene Hartman and Rev. Leon Finney the other day and they gave me something relevant to think about in terms of my objective to establish and build the next generation of leaders. It really... Read more »

Carl West Commentary On Upcoming State Of Black Chicago Congress Saturday June 1st

  C. Dwayne West, CEO The State of Black Chicago? Commentary by Carl West of TruthBTold News Service and Next Generation Leadership Council Chicago has spent countless hours in the global news over the last few years and most of it has been less than favorable. Violence, higher than the national average unemployment and gas... Read more »

TBTNews Present State of Chicago Teachers’ Symposium Featuring CTU’s President Karen Lewis, Thursday, November 1st

TBTNews Present State of Chicago Teachers’ Symposium Featuring CTU’s President Karen Lewis Thursday, November 1, 2012, TRUTH B Told News Service in association with Coalition of African American Leaders (C.O.A.L) and Harold Washington Cultural Center present the STATE OF CHICAGO TEACHERS‘ SYMPOSIUM: Defining Their Identity, featuring Mrs. Karen Lewis. Joining Karen will be CTU’s Black... Read more »

Mayor Emanual Insults Karen Lewis, Now Icon Ed Gardner, Writes Carl West of TruthBTold News Service

Mr. Gardner speaks at “Power Breakfast,” with Clarence Wood listening (Photo: COAL) mayor rahm Has Done it Again! The mayor of Chicago has not only diss CTU’s Karen Lewis, but now he has shown his true colors in terms of having very little respect for a legend and icon like Mr. Ed Gardner. The mayor... Read more »


REV. DR. LEON FINNEY, JR FIRST GUEST ON CARL WESTS’ NEW TALK SHOW ! CLICK to watch premiere episode PUBLISHER’S PEACE Launching of a Network Well…. today is the day Speak The TRUTH w/ Carl West premieres. I’ve waiting for a long time to produce and present a video version talk show profiling the best... Read more »

Carl West To Mayor Emanual -- "What Did We Do To You?"

GUEST TBTNEWS COMMENTARY Mayor Emanuel — What Did We Do to You? Contributing Correspondent:  Carl D. West Several people has asked me why am I so hard on the new mayor in some of my Works of Words. And I asked them, why is the mayor so hard on us? emanuel acts as though we... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley delivers over 200, 000 Grassroots contacts for Illinois Appellate Court Justice Joy Cunninghams Campaign For Illinois Supreme Court

Yesterday, I was invited to a weekly campaign meeting for the historic campaign of Illinois Appellate Court Justice Joy Cunningham’s campaign for Illinois Supreme Court. Historic in that the Illinois Supreme Court already has made history with the election of its first female and the first Black male, and when elected Justice Cunningham would break... Read more »

Latest News From Carl West, TruthBTold

Building the Next Generation of Leaders C/ Dwayne West Managing Editor PUBLISHER’S PEACE TRUTH BE TOLD (Part 7) IMB Corporation just celebrated 100 years as one of the leading brands in America’s history. The late rapper Tupac Shakur, my favorite equal to Jay – Z, just celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday. Keep Ya Head Up,... Read more »