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The Abandonment Of Ronald Holt To Remain Director Of Chicago's CAPS Program

Rev. Al Sharpton called Mark Allen “One of Chicago’s legendary political activists” ‘And The Ordinary People Said’ Mark S. Allen, THE ABANDONMENT OF RONALD HOLT TO REMAIN DIRECTOR OF THE CHICAGO CAPS PROGRAM !!   No press conferences, no press statements, no rallies, no talk show segments, no editorials of mainstream or Black media,... Read more »

Ronald Holt Should Be Retained As CAPS Director by Mayor Emanuel and New Chicago Police Chief-Designee Garry McCarthy

Veteran Activist Call for Retention of Ronald Holt as CAPS Director   After the popular selection of Al Wysinger as 1st Deputy of The Chicago Police Department Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and new Chicago Police Supertintendent-designee Garry McCarthy should now make a public commitment to retain Ronald Holt as the Director of The CAPS program.  Even... Read more »

Chicago Black Activists Applaud Black Being Selected 1st Deputy by Chicago Police Superintendent-Designee Garry McCarthy, now Lobbying for Ronald Holt's Retention As Director of CAPS

Today Veteran Black Community Activists Mark Allen and Wallace “Gator” Bradley applauded new Chicago Police Superintendent-Designee Garry McCarthy’s selection of Al Wysinger as his 1st Deputy, a position that Wysinger as one of the finalists for Superintendent is uniquely qualified for and not just because of his Blackness.      A Coalition of Black community leaders... Read more »

Mark Allen, Wallace "Gator" Bradley Meet With Chicago Mayor Daley's Representatives On New Peace Proposals

Veteran Black Community/Political Activists/Organizers, Mark S. Allen and Wallace “Gator” Bradley met with two key representatives of Chicago Mayor Richard Daleys Cabinet on new and innovative ways to address the issues of crime intervention and prevention, which will be followed up by a meeting that Mayor Daley himself promised to meet with Bradley and his... Read more »

Ronald Holt, New Chicago CAPS Director Responds To Proposed Peace Meeting With Mayor Daley Initiated by Wallace "Gator" Bradley and Mark Allen

BREAKING NEWSRonald Holt, New Chicago Chicago Alternative Policing Strategies (CAPS) Director Responds To Proposed Peace Meeting With Mayor Daley Initiated by Wallace “Gator” Bradley, The Urban Translator, and Veteran Activist/journalist Mark Allen Date: Monday, September 6, 2010, 4:32 PM Hi All: Should and when this meeting becomes a reality let’s remember that everyone’s opinion steeped... Read more »

Mark Allen says that Ronald Holt received a "symbolic" appointment as new CAPS head and must overcome how Daley & Weis' decisions set him up for failure

MARK ALLEN TALKS — Ronald Holt Must Overcome Chicago Mayor Daley’s “Symbolic” Appointment as new Director of Chicago’s community policing program   I called Ronald Holt and congratulated him on accepting the appointment by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley as the new Director of the C.A.P.S. (Community Alternative Pocicing Strategies) program, and how he was going... Read more »

Former 3rd Ward Chicago Alderman Dorothy Tillman Calls For Change In Leadership At Chicago Police Department

MARK ALLEN TALKS — CHICAGO POLITICS “What do the former City Council colleagues of Dorothy Tillman thinkmof her recent analysis of The Chicago Police Department and its leadership and management structure?” Associate Editor, The South Street Journal News and News Services 312-624-8351 or Cell 773-392-0165 **********************************************************************************************************   Tillman Calls for Change of Leadership at the... Read more »

Silence Kills -- AND Keeps Some People Alive !

Today, The Chicago Sun-Times offered the first in a series of editorials to support the CAPS Silence Kills Campaign, noting the number of unsolved killings where their are people out there who absolutely know who participated in these kiilings and other unsolved acts of violence but will not come forward and be labeled a “snitch,”... Read more »