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City Black Caucus Announces Public Support Of Ed Gardner and The Challenge To Chicago Mayor Emanuel Over Lack Of Black Contractors and Workers On City and Community Job Sites

Brookins supports Gardner, vows to hold hearings on lack of jobs for blacks By Chinta Strausberg Referring to Ed Gardner’s rally for jobs held Sunday at 95th and Western, City Council Black Caucus Chairman Ald. Howard Brookins (21st) Sunday said the Caucus is fully supportive of the goals of Gardner and his supporters in calling... Read more »

Chicago Black Leaders Stand Firm On Chicago Remap

“Mark Allen is One of Chicago’s legendary political Activists” (Rev. Al Sharpton) STATEMENT FROM VETERAN BLACK POLITICAL ACTIVIST IN RESPONSE TO LATINO’S PUSH FOR MORE WARDS – “NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF MAJORITY BLACK WARDS! – BLACKS ARE STILL THE MAJORITY OF CHICAGO’S POPULATION!” Mark S. Allen, Chairman of Black Wall Street Chicago and Chairman... Read more »

Setting 1st 100 Days Chicago City Council Black Caucus Agenda June 29

The Rev. Al Sharpton calls Mark Allen “One of Chicago’s legendary political activists” MARK S. ALLEN, Daily News Blog/Commentary AND THE ORDINARY PEOPLE SAID www.chicagonow.com 773-392-0165   NEWS/COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT    “Helping leaders lead”   Why Is Chicago Mayor Emanuel the only person promoting a 30, 60 or 100 Day specific checklist on his legislative/public policy accomplishments…. as compared... Read more »