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U.S./Africa Global Trade Forum Thursday October 18 at Chicago State University

Dr. Margaret King, Professor and Director Of International Studies at Chicago State University is the convenor for this major U.S. and African Global Trade Forum THURSDAY OCTOBER 18th at Chicago State University.  RSVP TODAY — National Black Wall Street Chicago and “The Black Wall Street Reports” Talk Show on Urban Broadcast Media was pleased to... Read more »

Minor Allen Sr., Father Of Activist Mark Allen, dies at 81 years strong

Minor Allen Sr., Father Of Activist Mark Allen, dies at 81 years strong Funeral Services Set For Saturday June 23 My father, MINOR J. ALLEN, SR made his transition at the age of 81 on Monday June 11th in his family home. He touched so many locally and nationally in his historic lifetime in professional... Read more »

Gator Bradley endorses Justice Anne Burke for retention to Illinois Supreme Court

Wallace Gator Bradley (Urban Translator) Endorses Honorable Justice Anne Burke for Retention to the Illinois Supreme Court. Friends.,  Veteran activist Wallace “Gator” Bradley wants the public to know!!!! Could you please let the world in general and registered voters in Illinois in particular know that I’m Endorsing Honorable Anne Burke for Retention to the Illinois... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley Campaigns for JB Pritzker On Broadcast Ministers Alliance TV Show

Veteran activist Wallace Gator Bradley is all over the Black grassroots community pushing the candidacy of JB Pritzker including this recent appearance on The Broadcast Media Alliance TV Show.

Black Digital/Social Media MATTERS but ignored in this 2018 Election Cycle!!!

THE BLACK WALL STREET REPORT Talk Show hosted by veteran activist Mark Allen weekdays 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST  UBM Radio (Urban Broadcast Media) ;   HEAR MY VOICE     Black Digital/Social Media MATTERS in this 2018 Election Cycle!!!  All Governor Campaigns have totally ignored these important outlets and its large Black voters audiences... Read more »

Wallace Gator Bradley Statement On JB Pritzker and Chris Kennedy

 Latest public statement from Wallace Gator Bradley On JB Pritzker and Chris Kennedy  (he requested that I share on my blog page in his own words)    It’s very important that JB Pritzker is elected , it hurts my soul ,when people try to convince African-Americans that the former President JFK and his brother for... Read more »

Rev/Dr. King's Economic Agenda Should Be Focus Of King Birthday Commemorations

Rev/Dr. King’s Economic Agenda Should Be Focus Of King Birthday Commemorations    Excerpts of many King speeches, his unfinished agenda is the challenge and the focus of The Mark Allen Show, HEAR MY VOICE at 1:00 pm Monday January 15th on UBM, YouTube and Facebook Live, broadcasting Live from UBM studios at 4108 South King... Read more »

Mark Allen's Personal Appeal On One Year Cancer Survivor Celebration

Friends, this aint been an easy year for me in surviving my Colon cancer fight first, while still having to economically sustain my leadership and organizational expenses; while under doctors orders not to be able to work full time for several months while focusing my health recovery.  The last words of a close friend of... Read more »

Mark Allen's One Year Cancer Survival Celebration Saturday December 30th

  Please join the community fundraiser for MARK ALLEN, veteran activist of over 40 years and Chairman Of National Black Wall Street Chicago in honor of the one year anniversary of Mark’s surviving his fight with Colon Cancer. This same time last year Mark was told he was 48 hours away from death and then... Read more »

Rahm Should Invite Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr To Be Keynote Speaker at 2018 City Dr. King City Prayer Breakfast

In the years that the Rev Jesse Jackson, Sr has been in Chicago. He has never been the guest speaker at City Of Chicago Prayer Breakfast event for Martin Luther King. Just one man with one opinion, that In light of Rev. Jackson’s recent health challenges., AND his historic connection to Dr. King., NOW IS... Read more »