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RSVP today For help with family members with bail from our BAIL PROJECT

RSVP today For help with family members with bail from our BAIL PROJECT HEAR MY VOICE! CALL US TODAY FOR WE HAVE FUNDS THAT CAN HELP AT LEAST 25 FAMILIES WHO NEED HELP BAIL OUT A FAMILY MEMBER YOU MUST RSVP TODAY !!! National Black Wall Street Chicago and know1radio glad to be a part... Read more »

Bloomberg Ad To Black Voters Named After Greenwood Of Black Wall Street Tulsa

As Chairman Of National Black Wall Street Chicago, and host of The “Black Wall Street Reports” Talk show heard weekdays on know1radio, I have made NO personal endorsement for any primary Presidential Candidate during this current election cycle, locally or nationally.  However I am pleased with the Campaign spending that candidate Mike Bloomberg is doing... Read more »

Pritzker Administration Announces Street Intervention Program Grant Opportunity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                    CONTACT: Cristin EvansDecember 17, 2019                                                                                                                   o. 312-793-8408                                                                                                                                                    c. 773-615-6243 Pritzker Administration Announces Street Intervention Program Grant Opportunity CHICAGO—ICJIA Acting Executive Director Jason Stamps today announced a funding opportunity to expand and enhance street intervention programs that interrupt and prevent cycles of violence that harm Illinois families and communities. About $1.9... Read more »

Kari Steele's MWRD President's 2019 End Of The Year Message

My personal and professional relationship with Kari Steele goes back many years and I am glad to share her community 2019 End-Of-The-Year Message..  And looking forward to our community outreach together in civically educating our grassroots community on the importance of her office, and the great works under jurisdiction of The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.... Read more »

2019 Christmas/End-Of-The-Year Appeal

HEAR MY VOICE FOR Christmas/ End-Of-The-Year Appeal God bless Mark Allen is feeling blessed with Mark S. Allen at National Black Wall Street Chicago. 23 hrs · Chicago I am making this very personal appeal for much needed donor support for this Christmas/End-Of-The-Year Appeal to help sustain and grow my voice for the end of 2019 and to be able to strongly... Read more »

Guest commentary. "The Saga Of Dr. Leon Finney," by Hermene Hartman

As a veteran activist of over 40 years, I am pleased to accept the request of a long time associate and supporter Hermene Hartman of N’DIGO and share her guest commentary “The Saga Of Dr. Leon Finney.  In the past few weeks others have shared the commentary and shown Black independent support have been over... Read more »

Meet Chicago Chief Procurement Officer Shannon Andrews Saturday October 5th

SATURDAY OCTOBER 5th  National Black Wall Street Chicago, as a certified City Of Chicago Neighborhood Assist Agency, and as a leading Community Outreach partner with The Monroe Foundation is pleased to lend support for this upcoming Capacity Building workshop starting on Saturday October 5th featuring Chicago’s Chief Procurement Officer Shannon Andrews. HEAR MY VOICE! God... Read more »

Join The Monroe Foundation For major discounted fee for Fall grant consults SATURDAY AUGUST 31st

As Chairman of National Black Wall Street Chicago, I can personally and publicly attest to the fact that the majority of our organizational funding was the direct result of our membership of Otis Monroe and The Monroe Foundation.  Membership is usually $1,000 per year which is why I encourage those to attend his special membership... Read more »

18th Annual Back-To-School Free Haircuts and Hairstyles Monday September 2nd

ACCLIVUS INC,  in partnership with 3rd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell and State Senator Mattie Hunter presents The 18th Annual BACK-TO-SCHOOL  FREE HAIRCUTS AND HAIRSTYLES DAY  MONDAY SEPTEMBER 2ND 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM  Featuring Free Haircuts and Hairstyles, plus Free Backpacks and school supplies at these participating locations   *    ISSUES BARBER AND BEAUTY... Read more »

Larry Hoover Sr files federal lawsuit against SUPERMAX Prison

                                         At the request of my one of my regular blog readers Wallace “Gator” Bradley, I am pleased to honor his personal request for me to publicly share this information on this issue he is working... Read more »