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Mark Allen Cancer Survival and 57th Birthday Event March 18th

Friends, it’s been two hard years of fighting Colon Cancer and now being a two year Colon Cancer Survivor and January 2019 starting my first year back to work full time, and now during March which is COLON CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, Please support this event where I can celebrate my 57th Birthday on my actual... Read more »

Free MBE/WBE Certification Seminar Thursday February 21st


Conceal Carry Course Saturday February 9th and Sunday February 10th

I decided to publicly post about this event being held at my offices this weekend because of so many people being shot and killed, and who just MAYBE could still be alive had they had the opportunity to be legally armed to defend themselves. Basic Pistol Concealed Carry Course Basic Pistol Concealed Carry Course SATURDAY... Read more »

Clerk Dorothy Brown Welcomes New Ex-Offender Project Clearing Their Rap Sheets Friday January 25th

We’re Ready! Get Cleared, Chicago consortium leaders meet today with Clerk of the Circuit Cook Dorothy Brown, and she will greet and encourage our petitioners at 11a.m., Friday 10th Floor, as they arrive to file their petitions for sealing and expungements.   The Civic Education Arm of National Black Wall Street Chicago is pleased to be... Read more »

Commissioner Kari Steele For President Of The Water Reclamation District

 I hear that the new political/executive leadership of The Metroplitan Water Reclamation District are about the have their leadership elections on this Thursday.  I  want to lend my personal and public voice as a veteran political operative of over 40 years that current Commissioner Kari Steele SHOULD BE publicly supported as the new President Of... Read more »

Dr. King Day Free MBE/WBE Seminar Tuesday January 15th

We will kick off our new year of programming with our Dr. King Birthday action on his actual January 15th birthdate and our first FREE MBE/WBE Certification Seminar, showing more Black businesses in 2019 the public and private business benefits of having the MBE/WBE Certitification. Immediately following the free seminar, we will schedule personal one-on-one... Read more »

Chief Judge Tim Evans/Commissioner Dennis Deer Monday December 10th With Major Ex-Offender Project

National Black Wall Street Chicago and our Illinois Voter Restoration/Civic Education Project are pleased to be organizational and promotional supporters. PLEASE RSVP TODAY if you work with the constituency that can benefit from this project.   HEAR MY VOICE! God bless (Mark S. Allen, Chairman of National Black Wall Street Chicago) Join Us for a... Read more »

31st Year Anniversary of Harold Washington's Death Date Missing From Media Coverage November 25th?

Just an observation that from all the early morning newscasts I have seen this morning on Chicago mainstream media is that I have seen NOT ONE mention that this November 25th, 2018 date is the 31st Year commemoration date of the death of Chicago’s first Black Mayor Harold Washington. I have seen a lot of... Read more »

Black Outreach For City and Aviation Procurement Meeting Friday November 9th

City and Aviation Procurement Meeting November 9th National Black Wall Street Chicago, as a new Neighborhood City Assist Agency is pleased to help promote this upcoming breakfast meeting and ENCOURAGE more people to RSVP today!!  Chicago is over 30% of the Chicago population YET barely over 10% in City Contracts!! So its hard to believe... Read more »

U.S./Africa Global Trade Forum Thursday October 18 at Chicago State University

Dr. Margaret King, Professor and Director Of International Studies at Chicago State University is the convenor for this major U.S. and African Global Trade Forum THURSDAY OCTOBER 18th at Chicago State University.  RSVP TODAY — National Black Wall Street Chicago and “The Black Wall Street Reports” Talk Show on Urban Broadcast Media was pleased to... Read more »