New Funding Area Workshop Tuesday August 13th With Greater Chatham Initiative

Let Me If You Signed Up!
…………..These are the techniques funders are supporting.
Guest subject matter on The Black Wall Street Reports Talk Show MONDAY AUGUST 12th on

With restorative practices we will learn how to effectively communicate with each other, celebrate and appreciate our uniquenesses, and understand how to work collectively for the betterment of our community. Come out and bring others with you to our free Restorative Practices Introduction Session.
Seating is limited, please register today.
Please contact me for more information. Register on Eventbrite to attend.
Edgar " Faheem" Willis
Restorative Practice Coordinator
Greater Chatham Initiative

BREAKING NEWS -- THIS JUST IN -- Grace be to God that you can HEAR MY VOICE again on The Black Wall Street Reports Talk Show and more, now from the new broadcast home on starting Monday August 5th from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST.  Broadcasting from the studios located in the historic Supreme Life Building in Bronzeville.

Streaming LIVE on radio and the FB broadcast sites, plus Facebook LIVE links on Scene TV Chicago, Black Wall Street pages and more.

HEAR MY VOICE! God bless

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

BREAKING NEWS -- THIS JUST IN -- After being back to work full time in 2019 after a good two years of Colon Cancer recovery --- Its about time to HEAR MY VOICE again full time on the award winning "The Black Wall Street Reports" radio/tv talk show, news blog, newsletter and more anchored from the historic Bronzeville studios of "Structured, focused and positioned" to provide a voice for Black business, Black business resource news, MY POLITICAL COMMENTARIES and more! Stay tuned. HEAR MY VOICE! God bless

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