Wallace Gator Bradley Statement On JB Pritzker and Chris Kennedy

 Latest public statement from Wallace Gator Bradley On JB Pritzker and Chris Kennedy  (he requested that I share on my blog page in his own words) 
It’s very important that JB Pritzker is elected , it hurts my soul ,when people try to convince African-Americans that the former President JFK and his brother for U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy was really supportive of Rev. MLK , especially Congressmen Bobby Rush, Danny K Davis and former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones , after hearing those commercials stating that Kennedy brothers and Rev. MLK was real tight and that’s why we should people especially African-Americans should vote for Criss, knowing the truth of the matter is this since the release of former President Kennedy’s papers/ documents , I and thousands of other registered voters are aware of the fact that they didn’t like Rev. MLK , there a conversation between the Kennedy brothers that was recorded.
“ In May, President Kennedy told his brother he didn't want the minister anywhere near him. "King is so hot that it's like Marx coming to the White House," he says on a White House tape.” ( I’m of the opinion that it was May 1963)
“I asked the FBI to make an intensive investigation of Martin Luther King," Robert Kennedy later privately acknowledged to journalist Anthony Lewis, "to see who his companions were and, also, to see what other activities he was involved in. This is also the reason that President Kennedy and I and the Department of Justice were so reserved about him, which I'm sure he felt. We never wanted to get close to him just because of these contacts and connections that he had, which we felt were damaging to the civil rights movement and because we were so intimately involved in the struggle for civil rights, it also damaged us. It damaged what we were trying to do."
“  But the date of October 10, 1963, offers a different narrative: that was when Attorney General Robert Kennedy, angered by King's recalcitrance to comply with the president's demand to oust Levison, ordered Hoover to have bureau agents wiretap King's telephones, including the one in the preacher's Atlanta home. “
After reading this I and others feel that people are knowing or unknowingly trying to SUPPRESS THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN VOTE

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