While my heart goes out to the family of Kenneka Jenkins., loss of life is always tragic but they have decided to take their fight from the streets and off social media and to the courtrooms.   They have retained the services of high profile, well qualified and respected attorneys, Larry Rogers, Jr. and Sam Adams Jr.  Why aren’t we letting them do what they do best?  They told us they would get to the bottom of this.  So we should be getting our directions from them, unless they say march we should sit still.  Unless they say tweet we should be quiet.  For all we know MAYBE hindering their efforts.  After all, Ms. Martin has repeatedly asked for the protest to stop and for the social media pages/conversations to come down.  Larry Rogers, Jr. and Sam Adams, Jr. are people we know and can trust in my judgement.   No disrespect to any person, activist or organizer but with all the speculation circling around this issue I’m no longer trusting these pop up protests that are not structured, focused and positioned as I have been trained.   Who sent you and WHERE did some of you come from?  And in truth I have some who even after over 40 years ask ME just who am I?  And please spare me with the “God sent me” response... At the end of the day I am going to take MY cues from the experts I know in Attorneys Larry Rogers, Jr and Sam Adam, Jr!!    
In my personal judgement, The Jenkins/Martin family are getting the best help they can get.  There are 500 more families out there that need this kind of attention and help and we aren’t giving it to them.  We are too busy on this ONE current issue while over 500 other mothers STILL think that NO ONE cares for their children who suffered from tragic and violent deaths that didnt make the mainstream media. THEIR LIVES  MATTER TOO!!   
As a Black man and veteran activist of over 40 years that has participated and lead many successful protests for justice and racial equality, I completely understand the lack of trust for the Rosemont Police Department but we have now had an independent investigation from the Nancy Grace and Dr. Oz team that has produced nothing more than what the Rosemont Police provided and the family of Kenneka Jenkins did their own investigation and it has obviously not turned out any new information to refute the Rosemont Police Department’s findings.   We can have our own opinions but we can’t have our own facts.   I have not personally seen any produced facts to say this young lady was murdered, not Nancy Grace, not the family and not the organizers.  And how is it that we’re looking for answers from everyone else but not from the people who were in the room?  The same people who booked the room with a stolen credit card, provided minors with alcohol and illegal drugs; the same people who disappeared as soon as all the trouble started.  I didn’t hear Nancy Grace look into them, I didn’t hear the protestors asked them questions, I didn’t hear a cry from social media for them to come forward.  I wonder how that card was obtained, strong-armed robbery, boosted from the Internet, pick pocketed, what????? Something else I didn’t see, out of all the video footage I never saw the friends searching the hotel for her like they said they did.  I mean if they where looking all over for her wouldn’t we see them walking some of the same places we saw her walk?  Now I, and maybe many others locally and nationally do not have the personal or organizational time to answer all those inquiries EITHER!                  
I think I have seen a lot of people using this try to capitalize off of this tragic death including Nancy Grace and Dr. Oz for TV ratings.  I REFUSE to try to keep up  with the HUNDREDS of posts on my personal and organizational pages!!  You have people who are trying to get their Facebook likes and followers up, unknown activists that are coming out of the woodworks to cut their teeth on this issue so they can try to organize their own million man march.  Don’t you think if this was really a covered up murder of a black child by a racist entity that I wouldn’t be the first one calling for action?  Wouldn’t the likes of Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton, Minister Farrakan, Michael Eric Dyson and many many other notables, including our outstanding, trusted Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx would speak out and be all over this, just like the LaQuan McDonald murder and cover up?

Now, don’t get me wrong those powerhouse attorneys will make the hotel pay for what they did do wrong; not locking that area up, not responding fast enough and whatever else they did wrong (You see the City of Chicago is passing a new hotel ordinance.), but murder won’t be apart.  Now the police on the other hand seemed to botch this from the start, starting with the 911 operator who told the mother to "Just Wait".  Then they seemed to rush to judgment and say this was a death investigation vs a murder.   They then wouldn’t release the videos and when they did they only released some instead of all of the footage and did not show Kenneka walking into the freezer.  Then they officially ruled it an accident but released those pictures well after they released the video and those pictures looked bad.  But if she were beat up, if her organs were missing, if her teeth were missing (you can run the list of conspiracies) don’t you think the attorneys Rogers and Adam would have not only discovered it but also screamed foul loud and often?  These are some of the best lawyers in the industry and you expect me to believe they didn’t see such low hanging fruit like the missing organs and teeth?  You don’t think that mother would have reported her daughter was missing organs? She never mentioned it on Dr. Oz or WGCI. So I am ignoring all the continued tags and posts on that angle!
FINALLY, my offices IN the community are open for us to come and ORGANIZE to help get visibility and justice for over 500 families who want and DESERVE some attention on their family members tragic, violent and STILL unsolved deaths. Lets show them that they have not been forgotten and THEIR LIVES STILL MATTER TOO!

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    thought i would just add the friends were looking for her its on footage from the rosemont website and social media has called for the friends to come forward. thought i would share those facts after reading this article

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    She was murdered, Raped , drugged, teeth were missing, hands and feet bruised the door handle in side the freezer was cracked, blood was on the door!!! Somebody didn’t do their job and they need to get off the lazy racist butt and do their jobs, my biggest question is who are they covering for!!! The proof is in the pudding and it will come out sooner than later

  • I truly believe this was NO accident. first off no FRIEND i mean absolutely NO FRIEND would leave their disoriented friend standing in a lobby alone in a big ass hotel FLAT OUT. it took all 3 friends she was walking with to go look for a phone??? 2nd is a few video footages that i have seen from the cameras were different people from the party seemed staged like some people knew what was up an some had no clue. but 1 thing for sure her mother mentioned in one of her interviews out of her own mouth that there was in fact a camera above the freezer she walked in her mom goes back to the hotel the next day an all of a sudden it vanished??? and 3rd in the hotel room where kenneka is clearly seen alive you can see the person who CLEARLY spiked her cup an even see kenneka picking up the cup and drinking it. she was only one who had a hotel glass cup (SO OBVIOUS) everyone esles cup was red. 4th The video from the party which was live if you know what a real party is then you would know that the wasnt no party it was BAIT. point blank period!

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