Illinois Governor and Other Governor Campaigns Ignore National Black Business Month

 GOVERNOR CAMPAIGNS TAKE A PASS ON ACKNOWLEDGING NATIONAL BLACK BUSINESS MONTH!! Even with a Black as a Lieutenant Governor Candidate, and a Black Candidate for Governor, the month of August as National Black Business Month is just about over with NOT ONE public mention, no donation, no position paper, no photo ops of appearances on Black media, no commercial spots, and no appearances at National Black Business Months events across this city and state during this month of August by the current Governor, nor any of the candidates seeking Black support for Illinois Governor! The most expensive Governor race in history -- The Black vote being critical to who wins -- YET NO CAMPAIGN felt compelled to show their personal and public campaign support on the importance of Black business, not even during National Black Business Month??? If these campaigns do not have to show their support for Black business DURING a campaign, then why should we expect any different AFTER they are elected.?


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