Wallace "Gator" Bradley Criticizes Sun Times Endorsement Of Kim Foxx For States Attorney

The endorsement of Kim Foxx by anyone in general and the Chicago Sun-Times in particular gives the appearance of the cover-up of criminal activity known as PAY2PLAY http://chicago.suntimes.com/opinion/7/71/1341110/states-attorney-endorsement-foxx

The concerns the the Chicago Tribune made mention of in the Endorsement of Kim Foxx proves that they know that Kim Foxx will be controlled by County Board President Toni Preckwinkle ; http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/editorials/ct-kim-foxx-anita-alvarez-states-attorney-endorsement-edit-20160226-story.html , they also know that Kim and Toni broke the law and that they engaged in a PAY2PLAY FUNDRAISING SCHEME. The question becomes why are they tell voters to elect someone with criminal intent to be Cook County State's Attorney who's responsibility is to prosecute criminals. Everybody know what the elected officials are doing it, they don't what to be indicted, they are looking out for themselves not the people. DONNA MORE SAID SHE WOULD FAIRLY PROSECUTE ANYONE WHO BREAKS THE LAW BASED OF EDVIDENCE. http://youtu.be/IIMIiqXI3zU 

According to a letter that was written to the Editor of the Chicago Sun-Times :
Questionable credentials for Foxx
The office of Cook County State’s Attorney is one of great responsibility and should be held by a person with excellent credentials and solid experience. In its own pages, the Sun-Times called out Toni Preckwinkle’s hand-picked candidate, Kim Foxx, for inflating her record as an assistant state’s attorney, “which has become an issue in this race.” She did not try hundreds of cases (as she once claimed).  “Almost every case she handled was settled before then.” The Sun-Times’ questionable endorsement of Foxx adds two more reasons: “People are marching in the streets” and “Foxx offers a fresh start.” Do any of these four reasons indicate that Foxx is qualified for this important post?
Christine Craven, Evergreen Park 
Sun Times Network


Is this the begging of a possible PAY2PLAY cover-uphttp://chicago.suntimes.com/…/mihalopoulos-slow-start-foxxs… , do this mean that this story will get lost? They know that Kim lies and she was GUILTY of violating ILLINOIS election laws. This endorsement doesn't make sense. The fact of the matter is this Donna did MORE prosecuting than Kim and is a practicing Attorney, Kim isn't. Don't be fooled something isn't right with this Endorsement.http://www.nbcchicago.com/…/Ward-Room-Campaign-Round-Up-Fox…
The Chicago Sun-Times knew that Kim Foxx and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle conspired with criminal intent to hide the fact that they were breaking the law for their benefit this story is what lead to the investigation that found Kim Foxx guilty http://chicago.suntimes.com/…/mihalopoulos-challenger-top-c… ; she still is still under investigation for cashing Cook County Payroll checks from January -June 2015 .
The first story was written in the Sun-Times in September 2015 , Kim Foxx appeared before the the Cook County Democratic Party Slating Committee in August of 2015 , that was when she publicly stated that she got her license back to practice law in Illinois, she is the only attorney I know who has a law license and she publicly said to this day " THAT SHE ISN'T A PRACTICING ATTORNEY" , she hasn't practice law in years. When the question was asked if she was a practicing attorney , at the CITY CLUB of CHICAGO , February 18, 2016 she said no. The room was packed, it was sold out, the Chicago Sun-Times was there and so was Toni Preckwinkle she introduced Kim Foxx.
In the first story it made mention of how Kim and Toni steered $ 10 mil dollars in Cook County Contracts ( Tax Payers money) to a lobbyist client whose wife gave Kim a $2,000.00 dollar donation after his clients got the contracts and he got a contract to lobby on behalf of the Toni and the Cook County Board of Commissioners.
What's criminal about this , is the fact that Kim Foxx with the full knowledge of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle did this while she was the Chief of Staff. Getting paid by Cook County , when see should have been off the payroll because her intention was to become a candidate in the Cook County State's Attorney race.
That was the reason that the 2nd Chicago Sun-Times story came out in November 2015 that lead to the investigation by the Illinois Board of Election and Guilty verdict for violation of the elections laws inclusive of 10's of thousands of dollars in fines, with a continuing investigation , the Chicago Sun-Times did a story on that decision ; http://chicago.suntimes.com/…/election-board-says-foxx-viol… :
So with the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board knowing all of this, because no story get's written before it's discussed with the editorial board and printed without the boards permission. http://chicago.suntimes.com/…/live-candidates-cook-county-s…
How in good conscious could they Endorse Kim Foxx , a liar , a violator of the law someone still under investigations ; instead of DONNA MORE for Cook County State's Attorney http://www.suntimescandidates.com/more--donna.html ?
Are they doing this because Kim Foxx is African -American and this is Black History Month ? Or is there a bigger story " Candidate for Cook County State's Attorney and her political Boss are being investigated or possibly indicted for a PAY2PLAY FUN RAISING SCHEME , everybody knows about it, Feds, Cook County State's Attorney, the Cook County IG and media in general and the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board, it was mentioned during the February 4 or 5, 2016 interview with Foxx , Alvarez and More present and it was streamed live for the whole world to see, recorded a link on their web sight. So you see I'm only sharing what I saw, heard and read.
And I ask that you please share this too.
TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! For allowing me to look, listen and learn.
Wallace "Gator" Bradley
A supporter of Donna More For States Attorney 

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