My Role In President Obama's Historic Visit to 47th & King Drive Monday October 20th

Mark on 47th Street more 47th street pic Obama VisitHere is the story I was telling on 47th Street today watching President Obama visit 47th & King Drive. Just watched history with President Obama waving at us all while he was visiting 47th & King Drive at the Southside Field Office for Governor Quinn. And I guess National Black Wall Street Chicago can claim its small part of this history for being the group who was contacted by Quinn Field Staff member Kendall Moore who was seeking an office space on the southside for Quinn and we recommended the 47th Street office space owned by Quinn supporter Elzie Higginbottom, and guess that recommendation was significant in that today it was the sight of President Obama's visit to 47th & King Drive for there would have been no other reason for Obama to have visited 47th & King Drive while in town today had Quinn not had that office we recommended on 47th Street. BOOM !

photo's by tenille brooks

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