Quinn Shown Major Disunity and Dem Unity Day In Springfield

Watching the news coverage of Democratic Unity Day in Springfield spells trouble for Pat Quinn?? Could be just me, but since when does a Party get together to show Party unity and candidate strength and then the very top leaders of the party are quoting polls that show the candidate behind by double digits VERSUS quoting the party polls that show the candidates strengths? Or maybe it was the strategy of people like Jesse White, Dick Durbin and other Democratic leaders to position Quinn as the underdog in need of major comeback? Then NO united front statements from Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton? Just some weird public comments from the major leadership who is supposed to show the strengths on unity day versus other people's polls showing you polling in double digits to the opponent, THEN after those dismal public statements, they end by saying Rauner is buying the election.

WHO NEEDS Rauner to buy the election when the major Democratic leaders are promoting you as weak on party unity day and sad to Quinn have all that news coverage tonight with him on the defense; set up by the words of his own party leaders at what was supposed to be the day when you are supposed to be uniting and promoting the STRENGTH of the nominee and leaving on the OFFENSIVE versus defensive. And to me, the last defensive nail was put Quinn today when I expected Lisa Madigan to step up and give united party greetings on behalf of her father, INSTEAD talked about why she had no idea why Madigan was not there. So that means on Republican Day tomorrow, Democratic leaders have given Rauner the offensive. But to me, NEVER have a party unity event and have the LEADERSHIP talking about NOTHING but the candidate STRENGTHS and NEVER leave a unity event on the defensive. I know I am not a high priced political consultant but today was a bad strategy on unity day when the party showed everything except a united front.

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