Wallace "Gator" Bradley Highlights Sun Times Story On Rahm In Clinton Administration As Direct Causes 20 Years Later On Roots Of Urban Violence

Veteran activist Wallace "Gator" Bradley states that the only way Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel can truthfully turn the tide on the Senseless Shootings and Killings of African-Americans by other African-Americans,  should start with Rahm's acknowledgement of what part he played from his former roles as Congressman voting against urban jobs and over 300 times against The Congressional Black Caucus and for his role to former President Bill Clinton and the initiatives that Rahm initiated that now 20 years later have CREATED the very urban environments now engaged in senseless shootings and killings; and further his apology for choosing NOT to meet with Wallace Gator Bradley when Rahm stated that he "would meet with ANYONE" who had a view on solving urban violence.
So Wallace "Gator" Bradley continues issue the call for Mayor Emanuel to meet with him and others so that we can be about the business of really doing whatever it takes to turn the tide of violence.  http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=237da3f2-5e98-402b-b9ca-35efa69a0dbb&c=18abc370-429f-11e3-b376-d4ae529cddd3&ch=1a05ae20-429f-11e3-b47b-d4ae529cddd3
Wallace "Gator" Bradley says this attached  link to the  Sun-Times story Treasure trove of memos shows Emanuel's politics in White House
Treasure trove of memos shows Emanuel's politics in Whit...

A treasure trove of documents from former President Bill Clinton’s administration shows a brash young staffer — Rahm Emanuel — pushing his boss to get tough on il...

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