Rev. Jesse Jackson states "No Plan for Reconstruction for Chicago" when it comes to addressing violence

After a very violent Independence Day weekend, Rev. Jesse Jackson shared this statement released today, "We need an urban plan for reconstruction."
"No Plan for Reconstruction for Chicago"
Statement By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
Monday, July 7, 2014.
In Chicago there are zones of terror and deprivation. Deprivation of an underclass that leads to terror in a city facing an undeclared emergency that should be declared a “state of emergency.” This “state of emergency” requires remedy and resources. It requires social and economic reconstruction, not just the emptying of guns and the filling of jails.
The police blotter can show us where the disaster zones are. They are the areas with the most foreclosed houses, the most vacant lots, the least education, the least access to health care, the least hospital emergency access and the most unemployed. Fifty schools closed, 50 drug stores closed, 73 grocery stores closed. These are the desert zones driven by a sub-economy featuring drugs-in, guns-in and jobs-out.
There have been 207 homicides in Chicago in 2014, including 173 killed and 1,029 wounded by guns – 118 wounded by gunfire from January to May, 230 shot in May, 250 shot in June, and 17 killed and 77 wounded by gunfire so far in July. In just four days, over the July 4 holidays, there were 14 killed and 65 wounded by gunfire.
The painful fact is we know where the drugs are coming from and where the jobs are going. There is no urban plan for reconstruction.
We have a plan for reconstruction in Iraq, Afghanistan and other dangerous zones, but there is no plan for reconstruction in our hometown of Chicago! In the meantime, we live in horror until next Monday’s body count. We deserve better.
Stop the violence. Save the children.

Chairman & COO National Black Wall Street Chicago
(Rev. Willie T. Barrow Consumer Education and Consumer Action Project)
Founder/Lead Organizer, Illinois Voter Restoration Civic Education Project
Chief of Staff to National Chairman, National Black Wall Street USA
"And The Ordinary People Said" News Blog,
Chairman, Community Reinvestment Organizing Project
Listed in 2012 Edition Who' Who In Black Chicago
4655 South King Drive, Suite 203
Chicago, Illinois 60653
(Office) 773-268-6900 or direct 773-392-0165
The Rev. Al Sharpton calls Mark Allen "one of Chicago's legendary political activists and one of the best organizers of his generation"


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    If you are in hole, you need to stop digging. All of the recommendations are things that caused the problem to begin with. To fix Chicago, the good people in these high crime areas are going to have to willing to do the hard work to take back their homes. Step 1 is to make they get training and the tools to protect themselves from the gang members. Step 2 is to make sure that the city government will support them when they "STOP" criminals doing violence. It seems that Detroit has started on this road and is being very successful. A new mayor and mew police chief is probably necessary, since the existing ones are more interested in their agenda rather than that people of Chicago.

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    fast track gun handling and training courses for purposes of concealed carry permitting and open up local gunshops for the conveyance of legal firearms--helps keep people honest.

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