Rahm Roseland Supporter and CNN Heroe Program Closed? How Can She Be One Of Rahms Partners For Peace With Closed Doors?

How can The Mayor be sincere when he went to Roseland and one of his supporters Diane Latiker closed her offices in Roseland a few days ago for lack of funding and in NO WAY prepared to be even support the youth she used to help save, so the Mayor needs to go back and prove he really does care about the youth in Roseland by helping to find the funds to re-open The Kids Off The Block program run by Diane Latiker. SHAME that the media never noticed the closed doors and "for rent" signs on her closed program offices. Now if the Mayor can raise over a million dollars for his re-election PAC then he too can find funding sources for Diane Latiker to get her doors and services back open for those lack of resources put too many of her youth back in the streets!! This Rahm supporter and CNN Heroe deserves better NOW !

Chairman & COO National Black Wall Street Chicago
(Rev. Willie T. Barrow Consumer Education and Consumer Action Project)
Founder/Lead Organizer, Illinois Voter Restoration Civic Education Project
Chief of Staff to National Chairman, National Black Wall Street USA
"And The Ordinary People Said" News Blog, www.chicagonow.com
Chairman, Community Reinvestment Organizing Project
Listed in 2012 Edition Who' Who In Black Chicago
4655 South King Drive, Suite 203
Chicago, Illinois 60653
(Office) 773-268-6900 or direct 773-392-0165
The Rev. Al Sharpton calls Mark Allen "one of Chicago's legendary political activists and one of the best organizers of his generation"

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