National Black Wall Street leaders remember Michael Jackson on 5th Year anniversary of his death, and remembering the importance of Steeltown before Motown In honor of this 5th year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson is another good time to remind the world that BEFORE there was Motown there was FIRST, Gordon Keith and Steeltown Records in Gary Indiana, the old WVON and others who first put Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five on the world map with this classic hit record called BIG BOY and great the owner of this historic record company Gordon Keith is still alive and well in Gary Indiana along with other FIRSTS in terms of record company and other places that first lifted up Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five should should be recognized and restored. Personally I also remember being a youth in music and watching my brother and other local teen aged musical groups going to compete in the local community talent shows at The former Capital Theater on 79th & Halsted where they would always compete in those talent shows and were beat our by that "group from Gary!!" Lots of memories on this Michael Jackson Commemorative Day, but as Chairman of  National Black Wall Street Chicago and Chief Of Staff to Rev. Michael Carter the National Black Wall Street USA, our chapters across the country and our continued effort to help preserve and promote Black culture that I suggest that we use this day to write some wrongs in the legacy of Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five by giving all due respect to the legacy of Berry Gordy and Motown but finally making that legacy complete by acknowledging and properly recording that BEFORE Motown, there was Steeltown!Play Video

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