Activists Say Replace Convicted Illinois State Representative Derrick Smith With Blake Sercye

Replace Derrick Smith w/ Blake Sercye!   submitted by activist Jim Allen

Blake Sercye

We are humbly asking the powers that be to immediately replace fallen 10TH District Illinois State Representative Derrick Smith with Blake Sercye! We strongly believe that as a lawyer and fighter Blake is the best man too represent the 10th District! I'm personally calling on St. Rep Camille Lily, St. Sen. Don Harmon, St. Sen. Kim Lightford and St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford too support Blake Sercye as the next 10th District State Representative.

"...the people need an honest voice, a hard worker...
the people deserve to have the best and brightest! 
the people deserve to have Blake!" 

Blake will bring resources so needed to the 10th District. His experience as a lawyer and graduate of Princeton University and the University of Illinois at Chicago is desperately needed on the West Side of Chicago and within the 10th District!

Blake Sercye is supported by some of the most powerful politicians in the State of Illinois. We need this great young man in office! PLEASE ask Micheal Madigan and John Cullerton to consider, no, to replace Derrick Smith with Black Sercye!

many thanks,
veteran activist, jim allen, movement university

Below is the Chicago Tribune article of Derrick Smith being convicted!,0,6762858.story?fb_action_ids=884214924938797&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_ref=uu%3Dd356d722bcc64d569e5689ef84e6b59a%3As%3DshowShareBarUI%3Ap%3Dfacebook-like


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    "Blake Sercye is supported by some of the most powerful politicians in the State of Illinois."

    With Illinois statistically being the most corrupt state in the nation, this point sounds more like a reason not to support his being appointed to represent the 10th district.

    Lets get someone who represents the people of Chicago, not another career politician.

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