Rev. Al Sharpton May Have Approval Soon For Stateville Prison Visit To Hear From Inmates on how they can send live messages back to the urban streets with direct messages to Stop The Violence


Rev. Al Sharpton May Have Approval Soon For Stateville Prison Visit To Hear From Inmates on how they can send live messages back to the urban streets with direct messages to Stop The Violence

Assistant Director of Illinois Department of Corrections to personally attend and meet Rev. Al Sharpton in person tonight (Thursday December 19th) at public town hall meeting hosted by Rev. Sharpton's National Action Network at 6:00pm ay Hyde Park High School

Glad to hear that the Rev. Al Sharpton and Illinois Department of Corrections officials may be close to approving the proposal from inmates sent to veteran activist Wallace "Gator" Bradley of United In Peace requesting for Rev. Sharpton to visit Stateville prison, visit inmates and possibly do a live radio and TV show from there where these inmates can speak from behind the walls sending messages back to the urban streets of their mistakes, telling others who followed them in former major street gangs etc to turn their lives around away from illegal street environments that create far too much senseless violence and that there is no reward in prison for those convicted of senseless violence!  If successful, the words from inmates behind the walls could have a major impact on the consciousness of those in the urban streets.

Wallace Gator Bradley, The Urban Translator will be attending the Hyde Park Town Hall Meeting, with the Rev. Al Sharpton, Ms. Gladyse C. Taylor, Illinois Department of Corrections Assistant Director and other key City and State Officials, Community Leaders and members of the community.

"STRENGTHENING OUR COMMITMENT TO END GUN VIOLENCE" will be the focus of the meeting.


Communications between Gator and I.D.O.C. Assistant Director...
Good Morning Mr. Bradley,

My name is Gladyse Taylor.  I am the Assistant Director for the Illinois Department of Corrections.  Governor Quinn's Chief of Staff, Ryan Croke provided me with your contact information.  I will be attending the event.  I look forward to meeting you.
Best Regards,
 Gladyse Taylor"

"Ms . Taylor it would be an honor to meet you and please tell the Governor that I appreciate his concerns of inclusiveness in our ( United In Peace, Inc)continued  efforts to turn the tide against Senseless Shootings and Killings of African-Americans by other African-Americans.
Could you also let the Governor's Chief of Staff , Ryan Croke know that I said thanks."


You are invited to attend and participate in a Community Town Hall Meeting Thursday, December 19, 2013 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM at the Hyde Park Academy located at 6220 South Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, IL.
Reverend Al Sharpton in conjunction with the National Action Network, Education for a Better America and a host of Chicago community leaders will meet to address the issue of gun violence that plagues our communities in Chicago and in cities across the nation.
Your input and attendance will be greatly appreciated as we will discuss ways to work collectively to address issues that cause and develop solutions to end gun violence.
We strongly encourage you to attend and participate in this open discussion...
Hyde Park Academy
6220 South Stony Island Avenue, Chicago IL 60637
Thursday December 19, 2013
Doors open at 6:00PM
Register ONLINE
To RSVP please email or for more information call 1-877-626-4651
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