National Unity Summit (formerly National Gang Summit) In Chicago September 27-28


National Unity Summit Review is being held Sept. 27-28, 2013 at House of Hope, 752 E. 114th St. The event begins with a memorial service for 500 gun-violence victims. For more info contact Bonnie Winfrey, 815-744-5340.


Formerly National Gang Summit


"I was one those community organizers of the Gang Summit back in in the 90's along with Wallace Gator Bradley and others and we risked out very lives brokering relationships with people who would have otherwise would have continued targeting each other. But to your question of "what did it accomplish?" the ANSWER is that crime HAS went DOWN every year since that summit. Check the facts for yourself!! Thousands of former gang member DID respond to the call to stop the violence, find legal means of making an income and again killings may be in the hundreds today, BUT it was way over 1,000 then and those of us who are still here are still working to continue to find the means to keep the killing away from these illegal street elements. The only thing that has truly increased since then are the number of supportive resources that helped us that are now gone, but still murders were way up over 1,000 then and those murders have come down every year since. And the final problem is that those gang leaders and members who found new legal ways of life did so at the urging from behind the walls from Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort and in NO WAY will the media give credit to that but its a fact because I was there and still here and maybe these next summits will have the same positive impact. Thanks to Wallace Gator Bradley for reaching out to make himself and his direct knowledge available for these new efforts. It takes us ALL !"
Mark S. Allen, Veteran activist

Press Release
Press Coverage Request

Date: Friday & Saturday, September 27-28, 2013

Location: House of Hope 752 E. 114th Street Chicago, IL

The Village is here! The nation is coming to Chicago to help put an end to gang
violence. Chicago is the first of five stops where people across the nation will implement
strategies to help save the youth of America from gun violence.
On September 27-28, 2013, a National Unity Summit Review is being held in Chicago at
the House of Hope located at 752 E. 114th Street. This Summit will address the loss of
life in Chicago’s inner city as well as the violence that is sweeping across our nation.
This two day event is open to the public. The youth are urged to attend. Former gang
and current gang members will be present for discussion involving the subject of

Dr. Gregory Tatum is the visionary and president for this Summit. He now lives in
California, but grew up in the Cabrini Green projects in the early 60’s. He was saved
from the streets thanks to his mentor and former track coach, Illinois’ current Secretary
of State Jesse White. “For 20 years, I have been involved in the community to try to
better lives of young people through mentorship, and by using the arts such as stage
plays, acting, one on one encounters, group settings, cable TV outreach, and street
evangelism says Tatum. ‘It has been twenty years since the first gang summit in
Chicago held for 5 days, closed to the public, exclusive to 300 gang members. We now
face the same problems. We believe this summit will help the community to heal, bring
some understanding to this recent surge of violence and to bring closure to the victims’

Summit Agenda:
September 27th 6-9 p.m. Prayer Vigil for families of victims
“Remembering the 500+” Civic leaders, victims’ families, clergy, media, and the public
are invited.

September 28th 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. The focus is on education and change. The agenda
consists of workshops focusing on the influence of music, social media, parent
detection, etc.; panel discussion with experts, former gang members, etc.; and business
leaders will also be talking to the youth about jobs and internships. The Jesse White
tumblers will also be performing.

In attendance for the National Unity Summit Review will be Secretary of State Jesse
White, a host of Chicago pastors, the public, victims’ families, former and present gang
members, educators, Pastor Charles Singleton of Loveland Church located in Ontario,
California (formerly from Chicago), the visionary, Dr. Gregory Tatum of Bakersfield,
California, as well as supporters from across the nation.
National Unity Summit Review Vision Statement

The vision of the “National Unity Summit Review” is to study the division of
communities by Gang, and territorial control, that has ruin our communities in this
nation over many decades. It is our goal to find solutions for our nations youth that are
involved in gang activity to help them find their real purpose in life. We will look at ways
on how to eradicate this social disorder in our nation’s major cities and suburbs.
These are long term goals with great expectations for real life changing results. We will
use former gang members and current gang members to help reach some of our goals
as well as parents, pastors, teachers and community leaders. No stone will be left
unturned. This is a move of God called by God to help save our youth from violence in
this nation. Come join us in this vision.

Contact Information:
PR: Bonnie Winfrey 815-744-5340 or by cell at 815-557-6681! !
! !
Please let me know if you will be in attendance and/or desire private
! interviews.
The BBC will also be on hand filming a documentary,
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