Wallace "Gator" Bradley Proposes Peace Message Site Visit To Larry Hoover


Wallace "Gator" Bradley Proposes Peace Message Site Visit To Larry Hoover

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When California Congresswoman Maxine Waters attended the recent Congressional Black Caucus Urban Violence Summit in Chicago recently CBS2 News reported that "she placed the emphasis on the unorthodox, suggesting that negotiated “peace treaties“ between street gangs could help quell the violence, and that one outside-the-box proposal came from veteran activist Wallace “Gator” Bradley, long known to be a conduit to imprisoned street gang leader Larry Hoover."   Bradley suggested that a “delegation” be sent to Hoover that would include a prosecutor, a doctor, a UN Human Rights representative, the Rev. Al Sharpton and a cameraman, who would record Hoover holding his grandchildren and urging gangbangers to work with the community, stop the shooting and stand united in peace.

Bradley said Hoover would do it if asked.  Bradley feels that a direct peace message that can be heard as well as seen would have a direct impact on the consciousness in the streets, especially to those new generations who profess to be following the old Hoover founded organization that Hoover said the "GD" should show the transformation Gangster Disciple to "Growth and Development" and away the old criminal element.

Bradley was called onto the stage by Congressman Waters’ because she said that leaders like her should be listening to people like Bradley who are the street organizers with proven track records and street report and should be supported and empowered by leadership and officials to grow their work.   Bradley also supported the suggestion of negotiated cease-fires having a chance for success because “the lines of communication are already open.”
The summit was not the first such meeting of its type.  A similar brainstorming event occurred  over 20 years ago, and those who remembered it were mixed about the outcome.   I remember the success because I was one of the community activist organizers who participated.  I support any effort to bring various factions together to talk peace and it should be supported on a local level in the same manner that we support government leaders convening warring factions of world leaders who also have a record of violence against warring factions.

There are accompanying photos of Bradley posing with leaders like Congresswoman Waters, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Rev. Jesse Jackson and others who he has continued to lobby for support for his peace initiatives through his United In Peace Organization.  I also appreciate the public support that Bradley has mentioned in terms of my leadership on these type grassroots issues, and now through my civic education efforts as well as the economic violence message of National Black Wall Street Chicago, for people to hear and know that until you stop ECONOMIC VIOLENCE, the urban violence will continue.

(Mark S. Allen)

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