Wallace "Gator" Bradley Defends His "Urban Translator" Work As Political Consultant To Candidates Who Are Judges And Have Become Judges

Veteran political activist Wallace "Gator" Bradley, issued several public statements regarding a recent local and nationally run news feature on WGN-TV and other local and national media outlets regarding his "Urban Translator" work as a political consultant with candidates who are judges and who have become sitting judges.   

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1. This is my Statement " People has a right to elect a judge who they feel will uphold the Illinois and United States Constitution, who is ethical not bias and will be fair, this is why what I do as an URBAN TRANSLATOR/ POLITICAL is so important.
2. I let the public know who my clients are and I let my clients know that they must be true to the rules of the Illinois Supreme Court, uphold the Illinois and the United States Constitution, have morals, be non-bias and fair in their judgements, I interview my clients before I accept them, my focus is the election of a judge and the educating of the voters of the importance of electing someone to the bench who they will know before they cast their vote. ; ; ; ;
3. This is what happens when the people are not educated to the importance of knowing who's running to be elected judge before they cast their votes , ; ;
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  • Why is a proud member of the Gangster Disciples, an organized criminal enterprise, being given a platform?

  • In reply to Peter Bella:

    The sitting judges and other political candidates who have hired Bradley have stated to the local and national press that Bradley has committed no more crimes since being released from prison years ago; he received an official Pardon from The Governor Of Illinois; he has worked for Cook County Government; runs a certified non profit; been very instrumental in crime intervention and prevention programs, and he has been very influential in getting those judges and other candidates in front of constituencies they wanted to reach; and he developed a legitimate business to make legal living and he provides a service just like any other political consultant that reaches designated constituency groups.

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