SouthtownStar/SunTimes Exposes District 227 Candidate Mnyofu For Getting Rich From Suing The District !!

Check out the link from the recent news feature from The SouthtownStar Newspaper that features an investigative report on Komaa Mnyofu, -- and my question is that this questions Mnyofu's legitimacy as a school board candidate for is he a real advocate for the education of children OR a man getting rich from suing the very district he claims to want to represent ???

He is not running for election for a seat on the Rich Township High School District 227 Board.  For instead of has successfully running for the township of Rich -- he instead has been GETTING rich, now not only costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees but also collecting $340, 000 in settlements according the SouthtownStar story.  Mnyofu's candidacy is unacceptable which is why the people of District 227 would serve themselves better by re-electing veteran educator Betty Owens, current President of The Rich Township District 227 AND her "Educators For Excvellence" slate that also includes Geneka N. Whitaker, Dr. Quintella Bounds, and  Linda Jenkins !!!


Meet Rich Township District 227 School Board President
Betty Owens and her Slate for The April 9th Election!!

Residents, stakeholders and students in Rich Township High School District 227 have the opportunity to meet and support a new team of leaders seeking election to the District’s Board of Education on April 9, 2013. The team is comprised of parents, community leaders and led by veteran educator Betty Owens, current President of Rich Township District 227 and now take a look at WHO is Betty Owens and the members of the slate,
"Educator's For Excellence in District 227"

Meet The Slate: Betty Owens, current board president

“I am seeking re-election because I am totally committed to the education of the students in our community, their families, and the community at large. I believe education is the key to a Democratic society and if we don’t educate our young people, then our society is doomed. I want Rich Township High School District 227 students to have the same quality of education as those in more affluent school districts like New Trier, Stevenson and Hinsdale. It is imperative that our students are prepared to compete internationally in this 21st Century. Yes, there is still work to be done.”

Meet The Slate: Geneka N. Whitaker

Law enforcement official and Richton Park resident Geneka N. Whitaker will be running for a position on the District 227 school board at the upcoming election next month. Whitaker describes herself as “intrinsically invested” in being effective for the next generation. Her work in the field of law enforcement has given her insight into the crucial connection between education and crime prevention, citing that school and educators are often the only guidance some youth have in their lives. This will be Geneka’s first District 227 school board campaign.

“It is my passion to be able to help lead the next generation of men and women into success and leadership, by implementing the dynamics of my educational experience, professional experience, training and leadership qualities, with integrity and ethical agency,” she says. Geneka wants to “invigorate” the board with “innovative and challenging ideas” - in a word, “fresh voice, fresh vision.”

Vote Geneka N. Whitaker for Rich Township High School District 227 on April 9, 2013!

Meet The Slate: Dr. Quintella Bounds

Matteson resident and Special Education professional Dr. Quintella Bounds has announced her candidacy for the District 227 School Board election next month. “What I have witnessed with the current school board is division among a few board members, which is what has influenced my decision to run for Rich Township School Board. The division has been displayed publicly and is an embarrassment to our entire community. It needs to end,” she says. “As adults, we should work collaboratively; students’ academic achievement should be our primary focus.” This will be her first District 227 school board election campaign.

Wishing to be a megaphone for those who are not always heard, Quintella is focused on the “students and community voices” that she feels are currently overlooked. “As a community member and parent, I have spoken with numerous parents, students, community members and everyone is in agreement [that] their voices are not being heard because of the division amongst the current school board,” she says. “I intend to...implement a vision and mission that is conducive to student learning,” says Quintella of her plan to assist in enhancing the academic performance and growth of students in the district.

Vote Quintella Bounds for Rich Township High School District 227 on April 9, 2013!

Meet The Slate: Linda Jenkins

Veteran educator and Matteson resident Linda Jenkins is making a bid for the District 227 school board at the upcoming election next month. “I have been an educator for over 30 years. I would like to work in my community to help provide good support, bring my ideas and experiences to move our community forward, having and supporting solid goals and a strong vision for the future,” says Jenkins. This will be her first District 227 school board campaign.

“We have ownership to our children. Our vision will drive our efforts in providing progressive and innovative strategies and practices as we move toward preparing all of students for a global society.” She is eager to work with Betty Owens, stating “her slate is one of positive movement, noting that children are the most important issue before us. In a world with negativity...she continues to push past the political agenda and make the students and their achievement a priority.”

Vote Linda Jenkins for Rich Township High School District 227 on April 9, 2013!

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