Cornelia J. Dawson Writes "Lord...Please Help Us Now" In response to The death of 6 month old Jonlyah Watkins

Lord … Please help us now!

by CorneliaTime© one of my regular contributors


Hello my people... I would normally post something positive, inspirational, loving or encouraging; but today, is a very sad day. The latest picture circulating around the internet, of a 6 month old baby girl, lying dead in a casket to represent Jonylah Watkins, who was shot 5 times; brought tears to my eyes and frustrations to my spirit. I personally think the picture of the tiny baby angel in a casket, should be posted on billboards all through the South Side and West Side of Chicago and other metropolitan cities that are experiencing this kind of massive killings from gun violence. I think the picture of this innocent infant should be hand delivered to the POTUS; the members of the NRA Association; all the politician officials in our country; all the people who sit up in congress everyday and DO NOTHING to benefit our culture of people in dire need of social and economical programs, that could intervene “some” of this madness; which is NOT going to end soon! Be prepared, because the NEXT angel could very well be someone close to us, i.e. our children, a member of our family, or one of us! Remember when the horrendous picture of Emmitt Till was released to the world to see?

… Against the advice and threats of many people, Emmitt Till’s mother wanted everyone to feel her pain and frustration for the senseless crime against her son. Emmitt Tills mother made that decision which brought about the attention that was needed, and ultimately more laws and protections against the racial crimes that were taken place during that period in history. Now here we are almost 60 years later, after Emmitt Tills’ death, and we see little angels being killed ALL THE TIME … but not by the KKK … BY OUR VERY OWN KIND! The total death count in history by the KKK error has already been outnumbered by ten times the amount from our very own people over the last decade. If we continue to post the cute and adorable little pictures of all those sweet and innocent children in the media, when they transition over, it makes it easier for people to quickly move on with their daily lives; without stopping to think of SOMETHING to help with this issue. I hope and pray that everyone will start to take serious inventory of their lives and their lifestyles in order to make the necessary changes needed to implement better actions and more responsibility within all of their relationships! … All of the “smashing around” without NO ACCOUNTABILITY for all of these children with no fathers, no real parental guidance, and no real loving support is destroying our family structure, and therefore breeding the type of young people who just don’t GIVE A DAMN what they do or who they do it to! We just got over young Hadiyah Pendletons’ senseless death, and now THIS! The reality of our nation is “THEY DON’T REALLY GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US!" [Like

Michael Jackson said.] “They” don’t care if ALL OF US are broken down or dead; therefore, if we are waiting and praying for “THEM” to come in our own back yards to solve “our” problems … THIS WILL NOT END! Like Martin Luther King … I have dreams of our culture being mentally reprogrammed to be happy, kind, loving, morally conscious, united and respectful of each other EVERY DAY. Then I wake up to reality … and it hurts! May the little Angel rest in peace, as the rest of us WAKE UP.


~ Cornelia J. Dawson


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