Press conference and demonstration against Walsh Construction Company for their $30 Million construction site with no Black contractors January 18th

Press Conference and demonstration TODAY Friday January 18th at 10:00 AM against WALSH Construction company site against their lack of Black contractors at Black workers. This is a $30 Million dollar project on 130th & Torrence, with no African American General contractors and only 5 Black workers out 60 workers. !! The Black Community Contractors and Construction Workers Coalition of National Black Wall Street Chicago will continue to Ed Gardner Initiative to keep publicly exposing these sites that have blatantly excluded Black contractors and Black workers.
Stay connected with our coalition leaders as we help lead this fight to put Black community contractors and workers to work!! Derek Covington 312/391-9054 Cell   Bob Israel 773-655-1309 Join us and wish us well today and those who can, come join us!


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  • Is there a pool of African American General Contractors who have applied, submitted proposal without success? Your post captured my attention, but didn't give a great deal of detail. I can appreciate the concerns about a lack of minority participation in such a large project, both in scope and dollar amount, but I guess we also need to know how many contractors were shut out of this process and what rationale was given for not considering their bids. There is already "prevailing wage" legislation to prevent a mere undercutting on price alone as a determining factor for proposals. I guess what I am asking relates to any information that would indicate what criteria was used when proposals are solicited and submitted. And, do contractors get the opportunity to make a counter proposal if they are not accepted on the first bid in the process? This seems like a very complex process overall, so more details would seem to be of great benefit in resolving the disparity in minority business representation. Are there links for further information about these issues in general and this project in specific?

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