Mayor Emanuel's 200 New Police Deployment Symbolic and not of substance

Anyone who truly works at the grassroots levels and works directly in those constituencies facing desperate social and economic conditions clearly know that Mayor Rahm Emanuel's latest announcement of 200 new police officer deployment is symbolic with no substance. The reality is that its just a matter of time before The Mayor and Chicago Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy will be holding yet another press conference explaining why the acts of senseless violence and shooting have continued despite this new police deployment!  Today I posted on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Facebook Page the following statement

"Mr. Mayor, as a veteran activist of over 40 years, I MUST continue to post a reality that I hope one day that you and Police Chief McCarthy and others will FINALLY hear!! NO AMOUNT and I mean NO AMOUNT of police deployment in the Black and urban communities are a match for the desperate youth unemployment, the thousands of intergenerational "walking time bombs" exploding as a result of over 20 years of mental health cuts etc. The shootings will never stop as you try to resolve a desperate ECONOMIC and SOCIAL problem with a POLICE DEPLOYMENT answer!! Trust me, you will be having future press conferences explaining after your new police deployment that the senseless violence CONTINUES !"

The ONLY thing of "substance" that is really going to have an important impact that people in the Black and urban communities are going to SEE the real impact is to have a real budget for grassroots crime intervention and prevention and local job creation and take away the need for far too many of our city's youth to be battling through the gang, drug, and other illegal street economies that are continuing to cause major pain from the senseless acts of violence and shootings. Its clear from this past year and press conferences by The Mayor and Police chief that should have them tired of the same script of new ways at police deployment that has not and will not stop the senseless acts of violence. The city needs an "Olympic" budget that provide real resources.


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  • I agree with you.

    However, let's also be real. The gangers who are doing all the shooting and killing will not be applying for jobs at your local Wal-Mart, because, as we all know, among other things, Wal-Mart does not have "Chicago Values" and does not pay as well as crime.

    Ask yourself this: during the Great Depression, which makes the Obama Depression look like fat days, there was not the level of crim in the black community and any other community. One very important reason is that there were intact families. Why are there not intact families now: because the very government you call on for help, has helped make the male of the family, especially, an afterthought.

    So in a way, yes, it is a mental health problem, because no matter how good a mother is, some boys need fathers to set them straight, and quick.

    The acceptance of government as daddy, has ruined the black community (think Bronzeville in the 1920's and 1930's), the black family and is responsible for the deaths. The federal government, under Obama and with the full co-operation of Lord Mayor Rahm, continue to debase not only the black community, but are now equal opportunity destroyers.

    Yes, this is more bullshit from Lord Mayor Rahm, and he will gets pats on the back from his former boss, the King Obama.

    Turn your activism against the government, and stop thinking it can solve problems on one hand and create them on the other.

    A massive, non-caring, thieving government is the problem.

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    I agree with the author. Also, the Mayor and CPD chief's misplaced emphasis on "catching the shooter" is so wrong from the standpoint of really addressing why the shooter feels he has no choice but to do the gang's bidding, even if it means killing innocent people.

    What we need is for the Mayor to show some initiative and leadership by insisting on bringing everyone in the communities affected to the table. Not to mention dedicating as much money as possible to the eradication of poverty, unemployment and hopelessness that has existed far too long on the south and west sides of Chicago. He held the NATO summit here. Why not a summit on the state of gang violence in our city? Invite President Obama and/or VP Biden. We have the spotlight now and should use it. Pulling officers off desk duty to solve an epidemic of violence and despair is like saying, "let them eat cake." Use counterinsurgency techniques to get the gang leaders to put down their guns in exchange for jobs, healthcare and access to education. Pay them to come to the table. It's not the shooters, but the gang leaders who are sending them out to kill that we need to reach.

  • In reply to Genevieve O’Toole:

    Yeah, let's have the same entities that caused this destruction create the solutions. How has that been working for the last 50 years.

    One more summit of full of crap government officials and the people who make money taking government money grants are the saviors. Please.

    And gang leaders are suddenly going to go on the straight and narrow, put on a tie, and work at Chic-Fil-A, while they can act out and collect big bucks doing what they do best -- kill and steal? Right.

    Most will have to be locked up and never see the light of day, because thieving and killing is what they know. That's it.

    Start with a new generation by getting the government out of the family business and fathers back into it.

    Anything less is just pie in the sky.

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