Where is Jesse Jr? My ordeal on the matter

For the past half of a year, the Democratic 17th year Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. from the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois has been absent from his seat, and the position he has been elected to. Even in the midst of an election, the Congressman, was re-elected by a large majority and won back the seat this past November in general elections. Recently news reported that, Jesse Jr., has hired an attorney and that he's defending investigations by the Federal government allegedly suggesting that he made corrupt dealings & affairs & using his campaign funds to illegally do it. These reports are not as shocking as they are sad, because the Congressman during the past 17yrs of his life has done nothing but amazing work. He's brought more funds to his district than any other sitting elected official in the Illinois congressional leadership; and has built a reputation of excellence and public service throughout his career. The Congressman is married to Sandy Jackson, who is also a attorney & a current Alderwoman representing the south shore community with loving kids and is the son of Rev. Jesse Jackson, and with all of this success of two homes in Washington D.C., and Chicago, IL, Junior is almost on the brink of losing it all thanks to his alleged dealings and accusations which can mean disaster for him. Disaster not only for him, but for a Democratic party in Illinois that has witnessed already one of his Governors sent to prison, and a State Representative recently indicted for allegedly accepting bribes and he too was re-elected this past November. So what do we as the citizens and constituents do when our elected officials do wrong? As a minister of the gospel, when us clergy do wrong; we are damned by the media, damned by the community, damned by the parishoners who attend our churches, so why is elected officials treated any differently. The common goal of any morally correct society is that we call & demand integrity of those who lead us. The law ought not be altered or looked at any differently when people break the law, otherwise our Constitution is a myth and we can start allowing everybody to get away with murder so the criminals or the offender the can go free. I am all about justice, and all about freedom, and hope Congressman Jr, get's free and cleared of all charges, but if he's wrong and really took his campaign funds to buy women who arent his wife, expensive watches and hotels, it really isn't any of my business nor the medias, but if it's the law, and he broke it, and by Junior being a elected official that is supposed to uphold the law and write laws, it'll be contradictory of his leadership and those who trust him with their vote. I am not happy to know while Junior was indicted, and while he has served 17yrs, I do know he cant serve forever. The black community saw this before in the past election of our mayor, Rahm Emanuel. The black community had it's chance to elect a candidate from our own community, with our own best interest, and understanding but we didnt, and instead elected (because Rahm got the majority black vote) Rahm Emauel to mayor; in a contest of about 4 qualified and strong African American candidates who consisted of Carol Mosley Braun, Patricia Van Pelt Watkins, James Meeks, & Danny Davis. Out of the 4 candidates, none of them in the opinion of the best interest of Chicagoans and African Americans, was good enough to be mayor (according to African American voters) even though many of them have had much more experience than Rahm Emanuel. I was shocked to see Emanuel quit office, (his job as Chief of Staff to President Obama) come home and raise money and secure enough petitions in the little amount of time to become Mayor. That is amazing to me, while Mayor Emanuel has been mayor, crime is at a all time, jobs are being lossed, unions are being ignored, and services cut. I dont see progress and with this Junior situations, I dont see it neither. Politically; Illinois has failed its constiuents. All of the registered voters who vote, I wonder why do we vote and have elections if we cant get the proper representation that we deserve. Then to hear about the candidates running that are names being mentioned, Illinois politics much change, otherwise I am going to stop voting because I dont see anyone who has what it takes to move our nation forward.

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