The Audacity to Demand

Our hometown hero the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama was re-elected by a large margin of electoral votes to secure another 4yrs in office., in which came through the largest financial raising of funds for a campaign in U.S. history. It was a remarkable witness & election in which African American came out to vote, 97% & not to mention the disabled in wheel chairs, and women with child, President Obama had to say himself during his victory remarks; "Those lines were long!" Yes they were long, and so they was in 2008, when once again African Americans heard the Negro Spirituals & Star Spangled Banner ringing in our ears, African Americans hit with bricks, being called Nigger, lynches, and KKK cross blazing, we heard that, & imaged that in our heads, as we still inspite wanted to see a image and have a voice not only on BET, but also in the White House. Even through all of this, in the middle of every barber shop conversation, church bible study, Fox News blast, ignorant radio host comments, & racist cartoons, we defended President Obama and always stood up for him, but will Obama finally stand up for us! Yes, I have the audacity to demand.. Not just for conversation and poster boy statements around African American issues, not even the holding of a African American baby in his arms or high fiving a kid, but for our beloved President, whom I love and adore, to finally as promised, create a Presidential agenda and focus on the least of these, African Americans. I believe its our turn because, Obama appointed Latino Supreme Court Justices, let the next Supreme Court appointment be African American, we saw Obama sign the Dream Act to help immigrants, but what about a Dream Act for second chance African American offenders who had prison backgrouds and can't get financial aid for school, we saw Obama fly to Arizona when former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot & back when the Dark Knight shootings occured, but can we as his hometown in Chicago finally get Obama to not just fly home for re-elections, weddings, NATO, & father's day, but can we get our sitting U.S. President to visit the west side, the south side Englewood, Roseland, Altgeld Gardens to uplift the suffering, the poverty, and the violence plaguing our communities and tour every African American city in the United States. I once again say that, and would like to commend our president for being diverse and in no way of being a racist, because he's advocated and stood up for other ethnic groups in the world, but as African Americans, we ought to demand and want from our brother. After all, we are the only people, that will embrace him after he leaves office. After the curtains have drawn, and after the Presidency Show comes to a end, we'll have a red carpet, a presidential library, highway, & possibly renaming Ohare airport to the Obama International Airport, which I hear is in talks, we"ll celebrate him, while the rest of America will be glad to see him go, I believe Obama should reflect these thoughts, as he thinks on his legacy. We need representation badly as I travel every other day through some of Chicago's most deprived & economically challenged communities with so many young African American boys with no education, no fathers in the home, and mothers working night and day to survive. With the conversation that steemies back to family accountability we always hear quote on quote; "it starts at home", when we as activists and religious leaders want to know; where's this accountability politically, after our side of the street is swept. I believe strongly, that Obama can't do it alone.. Which is why I also stated on Facebook, that even though Obama won re-election, we still have the GOP & Tea Party in control of the Congress. While we even have that fiasco in D.C., we also have local issues that need pressing attention, since politics is local. We re-elected the best man for the office of president, but now what about these failed local elected officials as the current Governor Pat Quinn, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, & many of our Alderman, & State elected officials who don't represent African Americans well. Recently, I was with Ed Gardner and other clergy, activists, who protested the lack of African American construction workers at construction sites, that Rahm Emanuel, arrogantly stated that he didn't have to ensure African Americans were employed. Neither did we get any African Americans employed in State Government jobs, in which State Representive LaShawn Ford has to push a bill for African American Illinois State jobs. There's so many things President Obama can do for African Americans but I dont want to put it just on Obama because we have so many other qualified & promising Presidential hopefuls who can extend this movement beyond the next four years, we ought to hold every president accountable, but we cant act like Barack Obama is Caucasian, from the Caucasian community, he's from our community, was baptised at a Black Church, married by a African American pastor, and he wouldn't be in politics if it wasn't for the African American community whom raised him. Sad to say, many African Americans have disrespected and threw black preachers (Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant, Rev Dr. Freddie Haynes, Father Michael Pfleger) , professors (Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson) , & intellectuals (Tavis Smiley) under the bus just for speaking for the African American community and the least of these, now can that crowd who cringed at the conversation of a black agenda, finally all be on one accord to the belief system that when the work is done to elect you, we need you to work on behalf of those who fought for you to have your job. Out of all the celebratory, t-shirt prints, & Bud Billiken parades led by Obama, we got the Audacity to Demand! Demand better schools in our community, schools of design, schools of leadership, schools of trades like Mechanics, Electrician, Cosmetology, funding without lotteries (Race to the Top), businesses that build in our community and jobs that aren't out sourced, communities that aren't deprived but that look as good as the white communities (shopping malls, restuarants, factories, community centers, parks, movie theatres, & state of the art real estate), not to mention the overly populated prisons that have more African Americans in prison than in college. I don't think the conversation needs to be away from African Americans but always needs to include us and Obama ought to add more African Americans on his cabinet to posts where more than qualified African Americans should hold the posts, not to mention the more than qualified African American lawyers & judges who hold positions across the nation who deserve appointments by this president & pardons of wrongly convicted prisoners who are in prison who need freedom. It's 4yrs but I believe anything is possible and President Obama has nothing to lose, but we have the Audacity to Demand, because we showed up for Obama time & time again, I think it's our time for him to show up for us!

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  • I'm afraid you've been had. Barrack Obama, like the long line of politicians before him -- mostly Democrat-- will take you and your vote for granted.

    It is too late to get his attention. If the condition of black people were of any concern, he would have started hard to work on day one to change things.

    Yet, when 2016 rolls around, and perhaps Rahm is running for prez, you will cast your vote for him (or any Democrat). To say you will not, strains credulity.

    It's not good to "adore" anybody but the Lord, because no man can live up to making it heaven on earth.

    And President Obama has no intention of creating that heaven for those who put him where he is or anybody else.

    You can beat me back four years from now if I am wrong, but I will not be wrong.

    Good luck with earthly adoration.

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