Congressman Jackson "Sources" Say He May Return To Mayo Clinic To Avoid Media Frenzy

If the media has created such a frenzy stalking Congressman Jackson's house and doctors office to the point that he decides the distractions are to the point that he could recover better by "considering" going back to The Mayo Clinic WHY is that a new major news story today as if he the story was that he suffered some sort of relapse? It is so amazing what "sources" can create versus a major formal announcement!  I'll comment later why some of Jackson "sources" may not pass the smell test with me, for when I heard he may be considering going back to the clinic, my response was NOT to leak the news to any press and I currently have major problems with ANY Jackson "source" who feels the need to violate the Congressman's confidence if this was not a specific decision by Jackson to disclose his frustrations with how the media has frustrated his basic going back and forth to the doctor in DC.

But despite the frenzy by media, pundits, and Jackson opponents that cannot get any traction without Jackson's presence -- Jackson's record speaks for itself and 2nd district voters should and will reelect him overwhelmingly. And he can continue to recover away from the media frenzy if he chooses. Hang in there Jesse, after all this frenzy created by media, pundits, and opponents who cant get any media attention on their own, 2nd district voters will have your back !

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Subject: My Support For Congressman Jackson

National Black Wall Street Leader and Veteran Activist Endorses Congressman Jesse Jackson , Jr For Re-election

(He's doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason)

I am making this commentary after a few weeks of reading repeated stories from local and national political journalists who have quoted "aides to Rev. Jackson" or former "allies" of Congressman to Jackson or other "sources" close to The Jackson family with reference to Congressman Jackson -  how he has and continues to handle his absence and official return to campaigning and work;  the alleged negative impact on his district his reelection. And so I feel uniquely qualified to offer my analysis as well since I too am an ally of The Jackson family for over 40 years, a former national staff member to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr and I was a senior campaign strategist and the first community spokesperson for the first campaign of Jesse Jackson Jr for Congress.

During his 17 years in Congress, Jackson has brought back nearly $1 Billion -- with a "B" -- in federal aid to help his constituents. No other member of the Illinois delegation has come close to bringing back home so many resources. Now if I am mistaken then I would like for any member of The Illinois Delegation to publicly state that they have brought more funds to their districts as Jackson has for the 2nd district, and for that matter, can any Illinois delegation member or anyone else can state exactly how many federal dollars has the 2nd district actually lost since Jackson's absence? Has the 2nd district or any of the other funds that Jackson may have voted on before his absence been taken away because of his absence? And since the process of Legislators being able to vote on special pork projects for their districts is no more, then there is no new source of federal funds that Jackson could have accessed for any new district program had he still been in Congress since June.
As the only Illinois Democrat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee, Jackson has secured money that paid for construction of two new senior housing buildings in the suburbs and the South Side; brought Lake Michigan water to Ford Heights; built a new emergency rooms at Roseland Hospital; expanded and improved hospitals and clinics throughout the district; created new 911 dispatch center throughout the suburbs to enhance public safety; and created a new nursing school that trained and put to work 1,600 nurses.

Also, he brought in federal dollars to stop flooding across the district; to redevelop the old USX Southworks site; to improve city and suburban schools; to reconstruct Metra stations on the South Side; to better equip local police and fire departments; to rebuild the Chicago lakefront; and to expand local hiring job-training programs.   On national front, Jackson sponsored legislation in Congress to reduce healthcare disparities in America and is seeking to create a national park in the Historic Pullman community.  On the international front, Jesse Jr. has been one of Congress' leading voices for aid to Africa, including humanitarian aid to assist people in Liberia and the Sudan.

Finally with reference to his personal and legal challenges I believe that personal matters should be handled personally when it comes to his marriage and family, and when it comes to his legal challenges he has on so many occasions issued statements that he believes in his innocence and has fully cooperated with the federal authorities as well as The Ethics Committee and with that I do not expect him to continue with these "National Enquirer" type requests to keep explaining to pundits and constituents. Congress is now on leave and Jackson should stay on leave; I expect voters of the 2nd district to overwhelmingly reelect him on the record I have outlined and how much his seniority can continue to benefit in the future,  and after his few months to adjust to his new medical treatments and his counsel from former Congressman Kennedy, I do and will publicly challenge him if he is not prepared to resume his public duties when Congress officially returns to work. Anything people are demanding are just to satisfy rules that pundits or opponents want to make up as they go and I'll continue to tell Jackson that for now in my judgement is doing the right thing, at the right time for the right reason.

I fully support Congressman Jackson and his reelection for his legislative record has earned his reelection. And at least I chose to actually LOOK UP his record versus hearing his opponents state what he has not done through his legislative record and its impact on the 2nd district. Jackson is not a representative whose record should be judged like those like an Alderman or other local representative. He has voted on nearly one billion dollars in federal funds for the 2nd district. Should there be more, sure, but it wont come from a new freshman representative but through one who is the only representative on the powerful Appropriation Committee. All of the Illinois delegation is supporting Congressman Jackson and so should the voters in November..


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  • The media is forcing JJJr to consider going back to Mayo Clinic?: "Blame It On Rio." Joe Lake, Chicago

  • No I blame it on JOE

  • In reply to Marksallen:

    Joe, I am just trying to entertain many of my off line contributors who tell me off line they enjoy watching us and I am just trying to give them something to follow. For now we only have 18 days left.

  • Make up your mind. In the article, you said it was due to the media frenzy. Joe Lake, Chicago

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