Can Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Survive The Challenge From Ed Gardner? "Black" versus "Minority?"

Can Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Survive The Challenge From Ed Gardner?

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Mr. Ed Gardner made a brief interview appearance on WVON-AM 1690 and told host Cliff Kelley and the audience that he is telling Chicago Mayor Emanuel that he does not just want to meet him personally BUT Mr Gardner says is issuing the challenge to Mayor Emanuel to join him in doing joint visits directly to construction and development work sites so the Mayor can see with his own eyes the lack of Black contractors and Black workers in city-wide and in majority Black communities !!

The Challenge - How Does Mayor Emanuel Satisfy a "Black" issue with a "Minority" Remedy?

From the beginning of this current protest Mr. Garner has made it clear that while he respects all ethnic groups and their respective fights for work, he is not in a fairness fight for all "minorities" but specifically for the lack of Black contractors and construction workers on construction sites across the city as well as majority Black communities.  Mr. Gardner and this new growing mass movement of thousands of Black residents and unemployed workers are stating that if Black contractors and workers should be at least equal to the numbers of the city's Black population, so when Mayor Emanuel keeps making public statements about his commitment to the fairness for "minorities" that this will in no way properly address the increase that Mr. Gardner is seeking for Black contractors and workers.

And Mr. Gardner is challenging Mayor Emanuel to publicly join him in traveling with him and being a site inspector himself and directly see the lack of Blacks and to directly use his influence to immediately start increasing Blacks on city and neighborhood sites with Blacks in accordance with the city's Black population, and that demand cannot be met with the existing laws of "minority" requirements. Many White General contractors have stated that they have indeed met their "minority" requirements without having to have the kind of numbers that Mr. Gardner is seeking for Blacks.

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