Bronzeville Economic Empowerment Discussion Sunday October 14th at Bronzeville Visitor Information Center

Bronzeville Economic Empowerment Discussion Sunday October 14th at Bronzeville Visitor Information Center

Sunday October 14th 2012.
Bronzeville Visitor Information Center 3501 South Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Drive, 2nd Floor
Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Day



Open House Chicago is an event that the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center has participated in for the last two years. People from all over the city and suburbs visit BVIC to see the historic Supreme Life Building and all of the architectural and historic tourist sites in the Bronzeville community. During the two day event BVIC features educational speakers, community group projects, and entertainment by local performers. This year BVIC will provide tours for open house visitors of the Bronzeville community, the South Loop neighborhood, and the Kenwood Oakland historical districts.

The Bronzeville Visitor Information Center will act as the “hub” for the Open House Chicago event in Bronzeville and will coordinate volunteer activities, and tours for the Chicago Architectural Foundation between BVIC and the ten other sites in Bronzeville. The open house attracts hundreds of visitor each year to the center that would normally not know where we are, who we are and what we do. This event allows BVIC to continue to get out our message of cultural tourism, historical education, and neighborhood development.



If you would like to say a few words to the open house on Sunday between the hours of 3pm and 5pm your input would be greatly appreciated! Contact Joseph Montgomery at 773-853-1816. He is the event coordinator and can add you to the agenda. If not, still come on by and check out the open house! It should be a lively discussion!


Joseph Montgomery

Open House Chicago Coordinator



9:00am / Doors open the Public


11:00am/ Keynote Speaker Debbie Myers Martin from the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office speaks about the programs the Treasurer’s office has to benefit Bronzeville business and new business start ups.

12:00pm/ Speaker Eugene Delanado from Black Pages International shares his plan for empowering the residents of Bronzeville to become investors in the community and shed the consumer mentality.

1:00pm / Speaker Yvonne Spear, the Chief Operating Officer from Chicago’s Best Financial Services and Investments. She will speak about the Multicultural Community Project her group is implementing on the South side of Chicago.

2:00 pm -- Mark S. Allen, Chairman of National Black Wall Street Chicago, discussing the new full time grassroots organizational offices in Bronzeville to provide financial products, services and capacity building to access capital for individuals, existing and new small business and institutional development in Bronzeville in particular and Chicago in general through their new Rev. Willie T. Barrow Consumer Education and Consumer Action Project. And will discuss how The National Black Wall Street Chicago's Public Policy campaign could provide legislative and public policy remedy to the parity issues involving the lack of Black contractors and workers on development projects in Chicago in general and majority Black communities currently being raised by Black business icon Ed Gardner.


5:00pm/ Closing remarks by Open House Chicago/Bronzeville Program Coordinator Joseph Montgomery.


Chairman, Black Wall Street Chicago


Founder and Lead Organizer, Illinois Voter Restoration Project


Chief of Staff to National Chairman, National Black Wall Street USA


"And The Ordinary People Said" News Blog,


Member, Community Reinvestment Organizing Project


4655 South King Drive, Suite 203


Chicago, Illinois 60653




The Rev. Al Sharpton calls Mark Allen "one of Chicago's legendary political activists and one of the best organizers of his generation"

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