Activists Press Conference Against Menards Tuesday October 2nd From Black activists who say Menards violated their agreement with Black contractors and workers

Due to the recent events at 92nd and Western in Evergreen Park, Menards has been disrespectful as it relates to the hiring of African-Americans on its work site.  We are calling on a national boycott against Menards asking citizens not to shop at any Mendards' stores.  The Black community can no longer be expected to be ONLY a consumer spending base for businesses like Menards and cannot be a part of the contractors and workers in those same communities, so until the contractor and workers issues are resolved, the group is calling on Black consumers to start withdrawing their Black consumer spending with Menards.

Major Press Conference and protest to be held:

Date:            Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time:            11:00 a.m.

Location:      Menards, Dolton, IL  Corner 147th Sibley

Contact:        Bob Israel 773 655 1309

Tickler:           Based on the protest lead by Mr. Ed Gardner, we will target all Menards stores for economic boycotts until negotiation at 92nd &  Western are resolved.

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