Legendary Black Businessman Ed Gardner To Stage Protest - No Black Workers at Construction Site Monday September 24

87 year Old Edward Gardner, legendary former President of Soft Sheen Products and who Mayor Rahm Emanuel and The City Of Chicago just honored with honorary street sign, threatens to disrupt construction on Monday morning to protest lack of African American participation in construction.

WHEN:       Monday, September 24, 2012

WHERE:    Construction site at 2210 West 95th Street                    

(Former Border’s Location)

TIME:          10:30 AM Contact:    

Emma Young – 773-651-6049;    312-953-6363  

Sunday, September 23, 2012 –

Chicago, IL.  On Friday, September 22, Ed Gardner, was outraged when he saw concrete being laid and other construction going on at 2210 West 95th Street, yet not a single Black worker in sight.
“Every worker was either Caucasian or Hispanic,” said Gardner, “except the foreman, he was (East) Indian.”   Gardner stepped out of his car with the intention of “wallowing in the wet concrete” in spite of the foreman’s warnings.
This quickly got the attention of the foreman, and before Gardner could make good his threat, two squad cars arrived.  Shortly afterward Alderman Brookins and Alderman Rugai were on the scene, and along with the four police officers begged Gardner not to do it.

Finally, Gardner retreated, but not before promising to return Monday morning at 10:30 AM to stage a one-man protest by walking through the wet concrete.
“Down the street I see young Black men selling drugs on the corner because they can’t find any work, and here in a neighborhood that is nearly 40% Black and only 4% Hispanic, there are only whites and Hispanics working, and no Blacks.”

Ed Gardner is asking the community to come out to support this cause and to witness his protest.  

Mark S. Allen, Chairman of The National Black Wall Street Chicago organization is responding by asking members and available allies who are unemployed construction workers and contractors to offer public support to the legendary Ed Gardner, for a man of his legendary status in the Black community cannot be left standing alone as he fights the economic violence in the community.
Trayvon  Benjamin Martin (February 5, 1995 - February 26,2012)

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


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    What is really sad about this and other issues involving Americans of African decent, is whether they sought employment being skilled semi-skilled or not, there must of been advertisement for the company for workers, and a question comes to mind is it make one wonder, did they skip over them to hire Mexicans or what not. Secondly, I bring to light, in the spirit of truth a question: is the voter ID law enforcement effort more about getting people to meet the United Nations Millennium mandate to have every one on earth biometrically Identified, where in misdirection, they have many Activist, Community organisers, Pastor, Deacons and other scrambling to get ID's for their constituents, which ironically, will be shortly before the January 1, 2013 Real ID implementation target deadline, for America, along with everyone else, secured into the world Government data base?

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