I Agree With Rev. Jesse Jackson's Challenge To The Illinois Delegation Not To Take The Illinois Vote For Granted

I want to applaud the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr who PBS News just reported that he reminded the Illinois delegation NOT to totally take Illinois for granted as a State that just because its Obama's home state can not have a proper field operation to ensure that Obama wins and not embarrassed with any chance of losing his own state - and he reminded the Illinois Delegates that a Democratic state lost Democratic United States Senator and State Treasurer seats to Republicans and how close the Republicans also came close to almost winning Governor as well. I agree that the Obama 2012 Campaign must not assume that Illinois is an automatic win and have an operation here that helps ensure that Illinois turns out in great numbers and secure an Illinois win for Obama. We cannot underestimate some Republicans who would love nothing more than to defeat Obama in his home state. And of course I am one of those grassroots organizers committed to Obama 2012 and winning Illinois.

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