City Council Black Caucus Should Block Park District/CTAContracts To Firm With Allegations of Violating Black/Minority/MBE Rules

  • Veteran Black activists Wallace "Gator" Bradley of The United In Peace Organization, Mark Allen, Chairman of The National Black Wall Street Chicago organization and community Black construction worker coalitions and others today say they are calling on City Council Black Caucus Chairman Howard Brookins, Jr and The City Council Black Council to immediately seek to stop The Chicago Park District from awarding a multi million dollar construction contract while this same company is current under investigation for violating the process that seeks to ensure contracts and workers contracts to the Black community.

  • Veteran Black activists Mark Allen and Wallace Gator Bradley issued a statement on behalf of the coalition stating that "while we are distracted with the schools issue, former Mayor Daley's favorite construction company, the one with the history of cheating the MBE program is given a multimillion dollar contract at the park district. First CTA gives a $250,000,000 contract yesterday, now this.  Our local Black elected officials must address this immediately for these awards as is do not pass the smell test"



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