Who is Sherri Griffith, Republican candidate for Cook County Recorder Of Deeds?

Who is Sherri Griffith, Republican candidate for Cook County Recorder Of Deeds?


I was born in Chicago, but also lived in Los Angeles and New York. My father worked as a record industry executive and my mom is a life-long educator. As a successful career sales and marketing professional, I believe that opportunity is everywhere and can be had by those who seek it. My desire for the rest of my career is to seek with passion, political opportunity to support platforms that develop peaceful, viable avenues for our youth to establish prosperous endeavors for themselves.

Eliminate Waste in Cook County

The office of the Cook County Recorder of Deeds has a current estimated budget of $7-8 million. If you add salaries, wages and benefits, at the end of the day, it accounts for up to $10-15 million. The clerk functions of the office can be automated, updated and folded into the office of the Cook County Clerk where they already perform property tax management. Essentially, virtually eliminating this office can save up to $15 million in the county budget. It does not need to exist as it does today. My opponent wants to expand the Recorder of Deeds office to continue offering patronage jobs at taxpayer expense, while attaching yet another pension to her retirement coffers. Let’s eliminate the waste!


Our Youth Deserve Better

Our youth need our help. All teenagers are at risk of losing the value systems taught in their homes, by their teachers, in their churches, and by trusted mentors, to the media, and more specifically, social media. In our modern world, social media is what guides our young people into the social norms that have taken over the teaching role of family. We as taxpayers must take back control of our government offices to re-create honest, fair practices so that our youth can believe in the freedoms that our great country was founded on. We must embrace a better way to give our kids something to believe in again, or their future is lost.  The messages from elected officials that it’s acceptable to steal taxes, and not live up to campaign promises, while over-stepping the freedom of the taxpayer to decide how their taxes are spent, needs to end.


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  • Technology and government don't mix. Karen Yarbrough or Sherri have no idea at all as how the Recorder of Deeds office works. The problem with politicians in Chicago when it comes down to making changes in technology they are as dumb as an OX. The Recorder of Deeds have problems but it's not the technology that's in the office, it's the people who don't know how to use the technology. There people in the office that can't read, spell, or write a complete sentence. That's where the clean up needs to start. It would be a shame to have either politician come in and start changing technology, coasting tax payers millions of dollars just because they think they know how technology should run. Karen Yarbrough and Sherri Grffith need to think about the people who are uneducated that works in that office and get them train or get rid of them.

    One major problem with the office is there is no leadership, no one respects the chain of command there. There are insiders that are telling on others just trying to get there jobs and positions. Racism is very strong there. There is a white guy in technical service, tall that don't like blacks. His boss is black and he is trying to secretly get his job. That place is in the Jim Crow law days.

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