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Launching of a Network

Well.... today is the day Speak The TRUTH w/ Carl West premieres. I've waiting for a long time to produce and present a video version talk show profiling the best and brightest of my generation. I've been extremely patient but yet vigilante in my pursuit to follow in the footsteps of Bryant Gumbel and Charlie Rose. Both men exemplifies perfection, style, class and professionalism as they engage with thought leaders, political operatives, sports legends, historians, scholars, iconic business men and women and others. What I love about Rose and his PBS show is how each time I watch his several decade long gab fest is his ambition to highlight unknown but powerful individuals doing some incredible things in the world. Instead of interviewing the stars of Alvatar, the movie, he finds pleasure in discussing the process with the person who did the make-up or the custom designer. Instead of interviewing the lead singer of the band, he talks with several band members who played the acoustic beats and who also wrote the heartfelt lyrics, especially if it was not written by the star of the show. For anybody who knows or seen Gumbel in action, then you realize what he brings to interviews. He's by far the most professional host who can deliver to his viewers a serious interview with anyone on the planet. He can make them feel comfortable and expressive about their subject matter, regardless whether they are kings, queens, pawns, bishops, soldiers, athletes and other lesser known personalities. The way he wears his sport coats or tailor made suits are impeccable. My very first guest of Speak The TRUTH is an iconic civil rights leader who has committed his life fighting for social change and building an enterprise that also serves the people he's fought for so many years. The shows format is designed to highlight emerging leaders from my generation, but as I've grown and learned over the months that my generation has yet to completely fulfill their mission to serve and defend the fight of our past leaders. I think some in my generation are ready to fight, but we have things to learn about the commitment of the fight and what that should look like.The fight can't be about obtaining riches. Yes, making loot is our ultimate goal in life, but it can't be what guides us. Because when the enemy, whoever that may be, knows that you are only driven by cash then you're very easy to shut down! Because when the enemy is battling you, they'll use every affective mechanism to defeat you. And if that means spending a few extra dollars to silence you, then spend they will - and the greedy will be silenced.

"The Woodlawn Era"

There are so many veterans of the struggle I could have interviewed during this launch, but after seeing and hearing about some of the troubles Mr. Leon Finney faced from internal and external forces, I decided to tell his story. But first I had to learn his story. So I met him and we sat and talked for hours and it was obvious he was someone who's paved a way for hundreds, if not thousands. So we both agreed to sit down again, but with cameras rolling. I was appreciative of his commitment to share his life with me, but I was also impressed further and inspired greatly with his ambition to invest in new media. He understands the future of information and content creation and distribution. He plans to launch his own network for young people to learn and explore the possibilities of online presentation. And this show is co- produced by both of our companies; Urban Broadcast Media and MG Media. Its going to be an exciting, creative and progressive journey. Peace and one love.

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