Democratic leader responds to Washington Post feature of Chicago activist Mark Allen and his challenge to President Obama in re-connecting to grassroots constituencies for 2012 reelection

Rikki Jones, President Of The Cook County Democratic Women Committee Responds to Washington Post feature of Mark Allen & Obama 2012

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  Statement By Rikki Jones, President Of The Cook County Democratic Women Committee On Mark Allen & Obama 2012


As a veteran Democratic activist and party organizer and now as Chairman of The Cook County Democratic Women, I have always and still do actively support and encourage The Obama 2012 Campaign to hire veteran activist Mark Allen to the campaign to help connect the grassroots people and issues into the Obama 2012 Get-Out-The-Vote strategies to those grassroots constituencies. Those constituencies who do not see themselves in the campaign and do not recognize current Obama Field staff certainly could identify with a Mark Allen.  Mark Allen was featured in a recent Washington Post story about the pain and disconnection that many grassroots constituencies in Obama's core  community feel about their expectations from the first term of President Obama and also is uniquely qualified with the experience of how to help show those same constituencies how to turn their pain into power with the re-election of President Obama.

I've been telling Obama's key leaders this for a while privately, but now I'll challenge them publicly that they can benefit from bringing a Mark Allen on board and let him direct a field operation to engage grassroots constituencies currently feeling disengaged by the campaign and showing those poor and grassroots voters why their votes matter to the re-election of President Obama in 2012   I am just echoing what so many other grass roots organizers have stated to me that Mark Allen could really help the campaign at this point going forward and the community needs people out front that they can trust, Mark Allen represents the current leadership and is relevant to the issues and concerns in our community. Finally, for those critics who say the Chicago's Obama operation do not have names  and faces that they recognize, I know they cant say that about the added presence of a Mark Allen .  Mark Allen was one of the first community leaders to work with President Obama during his early days as a community organizer and through the challenges of Obama's political career, and a Mark Allen needs to be seen right now reaching those who are disconnected and get them connected to the re-election of President Obama.

  • Taken from the 2012 Edition of Who's Who In Black Chicago -- Section of Chicago's Most Influential Black Voices !!

    Mark S. Allen
    The Rev. Al Sharpton called Mark Allen “one of Chicago’s
    legendary Black political activists and one of the premier
    organizers of his generation.” Celebrating 40 years in public
    service on local, state and national levels including the first
    nighttime youth talk show host on the historic Black talk radio
    station WVON, key roles in the election of Chicago’s first Black
    Mayor Harold Washington, the historic presidential campaigns of the
    Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr, and one of the first community organizers
    who worked with President Barack Obama in his early years as a
    Chicago community organizer.

    Today, Mark’s current positions are that of newly elected Chairman of Black Wall Street Chicago and National Chief of Staff to National Chairman of The National Black  Wall Street USA, the movement to advocate for Black community to use its own consumer spending power and talents to sustain and increase Black business districts in majority Black communities in the spirit  of the original self contained Black Wall Street District of Tulsa  Oklahoma. Mark’s national organizing offices are located in the new Black Wall Street Center at 4655 South King Drive in Chicago’s
    Bronzeville community. Mark is a 1986 graduate of Western Illinois
    University with a B.A. Degree in Communications. Mark is a member of
    Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Two children, daughter DaNia and son
    >> Markus

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