POTUS Response To Colorado Versus Chicago Violence - Chicago Matters Too !

POTUS Response To Colorado Versus Chicago Violence

In the Chicago hometown of The President and his re-election headquarters in month of July, there have been 33 homicides (not counting any that have occurred tonight). That is 3 times the number of lives lost in Aurora & the month is only 2/3 over. These are the names of people who have lost their lives but will never receive coverage on CNN, a visit from the POTUS or the collective prayers of a country. But their lives are just as important.

Gerry Woods, 37
Akil Partee, 19
Pablo Hernandez, 41
Nathaniel Gonzalez, 16
Jamauri Askew, 16
Marshall Knights, 21
Ricky Hankins, 49
Daniel Green, 21
Andrew Jackson, 27
James Bell, 26
Mark Carney, 26
Martin Tejeda, 16
Elle Mills, 53
Maurice Wilson, 22
Phillip Finley, Unknown
Anthony Collazo, 21
Delfino Mora, 62
Zachary Berrios, 18
Ricardo Alcantara, 18
Sergio Garcia, 20
Adeniyi Adesida, 18
Anthony Suarez, 27
Corey Parker, 27
Antonio Givan, 35
Robert Snipes, 31
Demetrius Tribett, 19
Isaiah Prentis Hutsona, 22
Christopher Banks, 21
James Thompson, 21
Myrion Currie, 19
Kelly Vann, 49
Demarcus Ervin, 22

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