Carl West To Mayor Emanual -- "What Did We Do To You?"


Mayor Emanuel --- What Did We Do to You?

Contributing Correspondent:  Carl D. West

Several people has asked me why am I so hard on the new mayor in some of my Works of Words. And I asked them, why is the mayor so hard on us? emanuel acts as though we did something to hurt or disappoint him, when all the people did was elect rahm into office. So how can he be mad at the people? He treats the citizens like second class individuals as he waves his big stick. Why do little men always feel the need to wave big sticks? Is it a display of power, since in size they have very little strength? Just asking, what do you think?

rahm sits in the mayor's seat on the 5th floor of City Hall; he's the man the people supported big time in 2011. Yes, most will say it's mainly because the 'Golden Child' or our 'Chosen One' President Barack Obama deputized him even before he landed back in Chicago after leaving the White House. But that's beside the point. He got in on the account that a large group of people voted him into office, and some even voted for him against their own instincts and loyalties.

So why does he treat the people like his slaves and think he can just come to town and demand changes at all cost with little to no concern for the residence of Chicago. rahm act like the people don't already suffer pain from the last administration that ran rough shots around selling off everything that wasn't welded down and handing out bogus contracts to his Bridgeport buddies causing this so-called economic downfall. Heck, the former mayor even ponded off future possibilities!

Here's the worst part for me. I wanted to believe in rahm's vision for a new Chicago. He wasn't my choice for mayor, but after he was elected I was ready to role my sleeves up and work with the brother. I felt what could be worse after barely surviving over 20 years of a former dictator. Lord knows I was convinced by a few of my elder mentors to lets see what emanuel's working with. And that was my approach - an open mind and kind heart willing to embrace change we can believe in.

Now after one year in office, I'm convinced that emanuel is not truly concerned about all of Chicago and its residence in their entirety. Maybe I'm wrong, but his bulldog approach and the 'his way or no way' platform has lost more friends, associates and supporters and only has gained him scared servants. If that's how he wants to govern, then at least one of his personal campaign promises to himself has come true.

Now, let me discuss the budget windfall for a moment. I truly don't believe Chicago and other states are in such bad economic shape as they lead us to believe. Show me the books. How many people know wealthy or well to do individuals who when you ask them for money, they always cry broke. This is the same thing with Chicago who uses the cry deficit slogan so the people want ask for anything, especially services that was promised in exchange for votes.

These legislators provide dollars for what they want to build and invest in for their own personal or professional pet or pork belly projects as they're called. NATO got paid for. The state of Illinois is about to spend over 150 million dollars from the feds to build the fly over bridge in Englewood. They about to spend hundreds of millions to remake the Dan Ryan El trains. The city of Chicago was about to fund the expansion of Wrigley Fields if the daddy had not open his bigoted mouth.

Where is the money for summer and full time jobs and show me the money for more after school programs? How about locating funds from your corporate buddies to keep health clinics open, so these lost and confused kids can get help. Because most of these teens committing violence are mentally disturbed. Several studies from prominent universities have indicated that excessive violence is a mental health issue. So instead of helping to solve the problem by keeping clinics open, rahm, the governor and our trusted state's attorney just wanna sweep kids off the block and lock em up. What did they do to you?


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