Legal Millionaire In Chicago for VIP LEGAL SHIELD Presentation Saturday May 5th,

Legal Millionaire In Chicago for VIP LEGAL SHIELD Presentation Saturday May 5th, Co-Hosted by Mark Allen, Black Wall Street Chicago Chairman

Let LEGAL SHIELD (formerly Pre-Paid Legal) Millionaire Club member DAVE SAVULA, who has earned millions helping others in the business show you how to gain unlimited earning potential as well as residual income. Learn how to leverage Your earnings from a real live multi-millionaire who knows how to get you paid and who has accepted the personal invitation from Mark Allen, Chairman of Black Wall Street Chicago to provide this up close and personal presentation with VIP Black community leaders, businesses, entrepreneurs and other serious economic minded individuals.

Saturday, May 5, 2012, Comfort Inn & Conference Center
8800 W. 159th Street. Orland Park, IL 60462
9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

All guests of Mark Allen and Black Wall Street Chicago are FREE BUT YOU
MUST R.S.V.P. ASAP @ 7 7 3 - 4 1 2 - 1 6 9 2 with Mrs. Barnett

Dear Friends, when I was an assistant to Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr and Constituent Services Director at Rainbow/PUSH, I spent a lot of time at packed constituent services meetings working with Attorneys negotiating affordable payment plans our people needed on so many ongoing legal matters, and yes I was successful in helping negotiate lower retainers, appearance fees, and other legal costs but it still ended up costing low income people when we had to go through this legal access process time and time again and still costing poor people hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Today, I am pleased to bring directly to constituents, the opportunity to save hundreds and thousands of dollars by getting you in a plan that provides people with year round legal representation from a major law firm for one small monthly membership fee and no longer case by case retainers and fees! And there is so much more, so I appeal to you NOT to miss this special orientation with one of the millionaires in this business!!

Finally, now that low cost legal representation services have become a million dollar business in the Black community across the country, I am pleased to also show individuals and entrepreneurs how participants can also become very profitable small businesses owners, and learning directly from a man who started and became a millio0nair in this businesses. Can you imaging how invitations to meet real millionaires up close and personal cost money that we have worked to provide this VIP session FOR FREE !!! On my reputation of over 40 years as an activist and organizer, you will not be disappointed that you attended. PLEASE RSVP EVERY seat that I have reserved by calling my contact person Mrs. Barnett at 773-412-1692 and I hope to see my contacts there on Saturday!!

Mark S. Allen, Chairman, Black Wall Street Chicago


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