Black Wall Street Chicago Supports The Call To Action To Support The Legendary Black Owned Business Reggio's Pizza and their continued battle with corporate giant Chartwells-Thompson over Chicago Public Schools Pizza Contract

Black Wall Street Chicago Supports The Call To Action To Support The Legendary Black Owned Business  Reggio's Pizza and their continued battle with corporate giant Chartwells-Thompson over Chicago Public Schools Pizza Contract




Call for Action:  Fairness for a Black Business!

On WVON recently,  Mayor Rahm Emanuel reflected on his first year in office and announced thousands of  jobs to be created related to new developments at O'Hare Airport.  The Mayor also re-asserted
his position to find and to punish companies doing business with the City who are using front companies to get around
the minority participation clauses in contracts and bids for contracts.

Concerned Citizens need to call on the Mayor today and demand that he live up to his words and work for Fairness
for Reggio's Pizza, a Black-owned manufacturing business that has been in operation for over 40 years, hiring
neighborhood people and feeding families.

The report below outlines how Reggio's Pizza  was kicked off a contract to provide  pizza to Chicago Public School Students,
even though students had voted Reggio's the #1 item on their menu for 3 years running.   Replaced by what appears to be
a "pass-through" company,  Reggio's needs the help of concerned and active citizens to demand fairness and to get their
contract back with the School Board.

Both the Mayor's Office and School Board Officers and Staff  need to hear from us today.  Important decisions will be made
as soon as next week at the School Board meeting, so we need to contact them today, or no later than Friday of this week.

We want to School Board to enforce their own regulations and to give John Clark, owner of Reggio's Pizza, a fair hearing
at next week's School Board Meeting.

Use the contact information below to let your voice be heard.  Call, write, email the the Mayor's Office and the Staff  and
Members of  the Chicago School Board. 

If we can win this fight it will signal to the Mayor and the entire City Administration that the Black Community is fed up and that
we will stand up and demand what is right for our neighborhoods, our businesses and our people.

Right now is the time to draw the line and to demand fairness  and the opportunities we deserve as tax-paying voters and citizens.

Raynard Hall, Publisher


Black Community Business Seeks Fairness at CPS
Reggio’s Pizza, the only frozen pizza company in Chicago is a 40 year old company that manufactures and distributes frozen pizza and other specialty items, supplied pizza to CPS high school and middle school students for 8 years as a subcontractor to Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality, was kicked off the contract in June 2010.  Notwithstanding the fact that Reggio’s had been voted by the students for three years as the most preferred item on the menu.

Reggio’s was replaced by a company with no manufacturing or distribution capabilities whatsoever.

These companies are typically referred to as pass through companies and brokers, which appears to be the norm throughout CPS/Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality contracts.  Chartwells-Thompson and CPS is in violation of the CPS Remedial Plan as well as the law.  CPS has been the target of several contracting scandals recently, including the removal of CPS Food Director, who reportedly accepted thousands of dollars in gifts from Chartwells-Thompson.  The Mayor and CPS Chief demanded her removal.

Reggio’s was the only black company on the CPS contact that actually manufactured a food product for CPS.  Reggio’s was required to lay off 40 mostly African-American workers as a result of the loss of this contract at CPS.  Reggio’s is a company that is held in high esteem and respected in the African- American community not only for the people that they employ, but for the many worthwhile causes that they have championed, such as a donation made to the Chicago Public Schools to purchase computer software in District 17 several years ago, as well as toy and pizza donations to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.  Over the years, Reggio’s has employed many CPS high school students.

Many political, community and religious leaders and organizations such as Alderman Brookins, Chairman of the Black Caucus, Alderman Michelle Harris, President Pro Temp of the City Council, Alderman Leslie Hairston, Alderman of the 5th Ward and Chairman of the Black Caucus Business Committee, as well as Father Pfleger of St.  Sabina Church, Reverend January of Vernon Park Church as well as many activists, community organizations and community leaders are anxiously awaiting a response from a second complaint that was filed with CPS by Reggio’s on April 16, 2012.

We are asking that the concerned citizens of Chicago contact the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Public School Board and the Office of Business Diversity and demand that they correct this injustice immediately.
  This would be a small step in the right direction for economic justice in public contracting for the Black community and legitimate minority and women owned businesses.

<>Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Office of the Mayor

<>121 N LaSalle Street
<>Chicago City Hall 4th Floor
<>Chicago, IL 60602

Jean Claude Brizard
CEO, Chicago Public Schools

Opal Walls
Director of Business Diversity, Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools
Attn: Board Members:
David Vitale (President of the Board)
Henry Bienen
Penny Pritzker
Andrea Zopp
Jesse Ruiz
Dr.  Mahalia Hines
Rod Sierra

125 S.  Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60603
(773) 553-1000

To view a video on “Reggio’s Lunchroom Brawl at CPS”:

For more Information about Reggio’s Pizza:


Mark S. Allen
Chairman Of The Board/Acting Executive Director
Black Wall Street Chicago Organization
Chief of Staff To National Chairman Rev. Michael Carter
National Black Wall Street USA
4655 South King Drive, Suite 203
Chicago, Illinois 60653

Mark S. Allen recently included in the 2012 Edition of Who's Who In Black Chicago as "one of Chicago's Most Influential Voices In The Black Community


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