Why I suggest ordinary people seeking low cost legal assistance attend presentation Tuesday, March 27

Today is just my usual day of taking constituent services calls from ordinary citizens and so many of them have to do with their problems being able to afford legal representation. I too face the same problems having to pay various legal retainer fees when I needed legal representation and many times I too could not afford to sustain the ongoing legal costs whenever I have to truly engage a lawyers time for I too know that time is money. So I was happy when I made the personal decision to get pre-paid legal services and while I cannot spend all of my day answering legal questions I am not certified to be trying or be obligated when my gut feeling advice may not work out in favor of the person who begged me to give my "legal" opinion important matters to them.

So the best I can do now to all those ordinary citizens is tom open your eyes to a pre-paid legal service that has helped me afford ongoing legal assistance for a number of legal matters for me without the high costs I used to have to pay for independent lawyers.

Chicago friends, PLEASE JOIN ME and LEGAL SHIELD for a one hour low cost legal assistance services presentation TONIGHT, Tuesday, March 27th with Free Registration 7:00 PM and presentation at 7:25 PM Sharp at The Ramada Hyde Park Hilton at 4900 South Lake Shore Drive regarding the personal and professional benefits of LEGAL SHIELD, low cost legal assistance services. All guests using my name gets FREE Admission PLUS FREE Parking and VIP Seating before 7:20 pm. RSVP NOW TO Mrs. Barnett at 773-412-1692

Now of course, you are NOT obligated to sign up for ANYTHING but I strongly suggest that those who call on me everyday would take some time out of your schedule tonight and come LISTEN. !

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