Kenny Johnson Speaks About The Chicago Defender Endorsement Of His Campaign For 26th District

This morning, our campaign received the Chicago Defender endorsement. Like our other supporters http: //, the Chicago Defender knows that I am the only candidate that truly understands what's going on in our neighborhoods, the only candidate raising a family here, and the only candidate who will stand with working families and seniors to fight against entrenched special interests.

Our campaign has come a long way since last fall, and we are almost at the finish line. We are up against a well-funded opponent who is cozy with payday lenders and unsavory insurance companies, an opponent who cannot win by running on his record so has chosen to launch a slew of distorted and stale personal attacks against myself and my wife.

I want to reiterate that this campaign is about our neighborhoods, and how to make them better for all of us. Please stand with me today and donate $26 to help us get to the finish line.

Your time is just as valuable to our campaign as your money. Please sign up to
volunteer this weekend or on Election Day!

Thank you for all your help as we approach March 20!


Kenny Johnson

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