Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Went Out HIS WAY With Help Of The Local, National, and International Media

Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich went out HIS WAY and he could not have asked the local, national, and international media for better VIP Blockbuster movie type coverage!!

Blagojevich has over 10 years to be sad, cry and reflect when alone at nights in his cell, BUT TODAY he appeared before the cameras and went out his way with his head high. If the man truly believes in his innosense then why would many in the media seem ticked off that he still professed it as well as present the question as to why in a fight for his life he was not allowed to have ALL of the tapes that the government recorded played? What harm could have been done to the governments case by allowing all the tapes to be played? It still helps raise "reasonable doubt" with many ordinary people. And then there were those who posted the signs on Blagojevich house stating that there are those who came through the same judicial system who have committed mass murders and other vicious crimes who received lesser sentences.

I also think it was silly all day to hear so many media reporters be asking was Blagojevich getting any kind of special privelages during his processes of turning himself in today because this major news coverage today was MORE than special. Finally, I do not understand why so many media were saying he should have went to jail "quietly" when that was impossible with the local, national, and international team media coverage from the ground and air. If the media was not going to be quiet in its blow by blow coverage then he should not have been quiet and go out his way.

And despite all the negatives associated with the former governor and his fall from grace, ordinary people at every stop Blagojevich made today swarmed him with repeated requests to pose with them for pictures, handshakes, hugs, autographs, pats on the back and offers of prayer and well wishes for strength as he begins his prison sentence.

So if the media was not going to be quiet with their coverage, I see no reason why Blagojevich should have been quiet with the final forum the media so freely provided him.

What would have happened if the major media had just reported a one sentence story that said "Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich Reported For Prison Today As Scheduled," and end of story? They instead made a major media frenzy out of the entire day and Blagojevich responded his way.

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