Christian Mitchell Blasted By Kenny Johnson For His Connection To, And Defense Of PayDay Loans, 26th District Race

Christian Mitchell just doesn't get it.

I couldn't believe it when I read it, but the other day, Christian Mitchell actually doubled down on his defense of the unscrupulous payday loan industry.

Christian may be new to the 26th District, but surely even he sees how difficult it is for many working people in our neighborhoods to get ahead. For too many people, a payday loan is a last resort when trying to buy groceries, put gas in the car or just make ends meet. But some of these places charge more than 400 percent APR on loans -- right when people are most vulnerable.

That's wrong.

But Christian doesn't seem to think so. He not only left his $90,000 a year job with the county to go to work for lobbyists with ties to the payday lending industry and big health insurance companies, but he actually sent out an e-mail DEFENDING the industry.

What Christian Mitchell really doesn't get is that this race isn't about him or me. It's about our neighborhoods; our communities.

It's not just voters who have to make choices. Candidates do too. I've chosen to stand with teachers, working families, seniors, and young people entering the workforce. That's who I'll be a voice for in the legislature. With his latest defense of the payday loan industry and their outrageous interest rates on Chicagoans, Christian Mitchell has shown us all who he'll stand with.

I need your support. Our latest survey shows us with a 9-point lead and the ability to win on March 20th. But Christian Mitchell and his lobbyist friends won't give up this race without a fight. After they saw this poll, they unleashed vicious, well-funded and misleading personal attacks against me.

But, we won't let that stop us. This isn't about me. This race is too important and we need a voice in Springfield that really understands what's going on in our communities. I hope you'll join our campaign and we can count on your support.

Click here to donate $26, $50, $100, or $250 today!

Early vote continues through March 15th and Election Day is March 20th.

Together, we can build a better community,

Kenny Johnson

P.S. Click here to volunteer this weekend or on Election Day!

Click here to volunteer this weekend or on Election Day!


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