Richard Wooten, Businessman, Chesterfield Resident Ready To Assume The Leadership Role Left By Connie Howard in Illinois 34th District

Businessman Richard Wooten

Makes it Official

Chesterfield Resident Ready to Take on Mantle of Leadership in

The 34th District

CHICAGO, IL – (FEBRUARY 9, 2012) --Richard A.Wooten, a Chicago police officer who has devoted his life to serving his country and others, will run for the Illinois State Legislature in the 34th District.

Wooten, who will seek the Democratic nomination, said he decided to run at the urging of several business and civic leaders in the community. Current 34th District Rep. Constance Howard has announced that she is retiring from the Illinois General Assembly, and Wooten said he is prepared to take on the mantle of leadership.

“For years now I have worked to make our community a better place by feeding the homeless, mentoring students and running a business that provides employment for dozens of people,” Wooten said. “I know the issues and needs of this community, and I want to go to the Legislature so that I can help bring resources back to help meet the needs and further lift our community.”

A business owner who is also an associate pastor, Wooten said he shares the frustrations of voters in the 34thDistrict and is committed to making a change. “People deserve real results to their issues, not political posturing,” Wooten said. “It is important that we restore value and get the job done for our people and for all of Illinois.”

His campaign focuses on restoring values to build stronger families, supporting our small businesses, farmers and veterans, protecting senior citizens, providing greater access to job opportunities, quality schools and safe thriving communities.

Most recently, Wooten has challenged the redrawing of map lines for Chicago’s 6th Ward, where he is also seeking the post of Sixth Ward Committeeman. Wooten has called for a federal investigation into the drawing of the lines because the process excluded adequate input from voters, a clear violation of their constitutional rights.

“I feel compelled to stand up for my community, my city and the people who live here,” Wooten said.“I know how to work with others to get the job done.In Springfield, I will work to make our community and our state a better place for all of us. That means creating jobs, strengthening our system of public education, advocating for our farmers and taking care of our senior citizens and veterans.”

This is Wooten’s second run for political office. Last year after making a late entry into the race for Sixth District Alderman, he garnered 20 percent of the vote in a field of six candidates.

Wooten’s entry into the political arena was born from his work as a beat liaison officer with the Sixth District Police Station in Chicago. His passion for working with the seeking solutions to pressing issues and solidifying partnerships prompted him to enter the race.

Wooten, who is married to Chicago Police Officer Sandra (Burnett) Wooten, is devoted father of two adult children, Richard Wooten, Jr., and Shardé Wooten, and a grandfather of three. He is a lifelong south side resident living in the Chesterfield community.


To receive additional information about this event or Candidate Rich Wooten, please visit the campaign website at or contact Team Wooten at 888-262-3334. To interview Mr. Wooten, please contact Jerry Thomas at (312)-285-5166, or

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