Former Senators Howard Brookins, Sr and William Shaw Honored at Black Business Group Fundraiser December 8


Former Senator Brookins, late Senator Shaw honored

WE CAN, Inc, a coalition of business and community professionals, is holdings its first fundraiser Thursday, December 8, 2011, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Sportsman Inn, 4501 S. Cicero, Chicago, IL.

The group was formed to shore up and support the empowerment of both existing and future African American businesses needed to stabilize, maintain, expand and grow and has set a goal of 100 members needed to help fight for an equitable slice of the economic pie on all governmental levels.

In stating the WE CAN, Inc’s goals, Florence Cox, the president, said the goal is to boost its membership so that it can begin the awesome but doable tasks of developing African American businesses in the community.

“We need to develop and maintain our businesses and keep our money in our community because currently most of it goes outside where we live. We can and we will achieve this goal with your help,” she said.

“We are looking forward to hearing from black business people who are serious about improving the economic growth of the black community,” said Cox, a spokesperson for the group.

“We want to support, maintain and build so we can employ young people from the community and to teach them as role models how to grow their own business. We want to help the black community grow and in doing so empower the community because when youth have jobs, the violence will subside,” said Cox.

Thursday, December 8, 2011, WE CAN, Inc. is honoring former Illinois Senator Howard Brookins, Sr. (D-IL) for passing SB-0543, which is credited with increasing the number of minority judges in Cook County. The bill became effective January 1, 1991.

Also being honoring posthumously is the late Illinois Senator William “Bill” Shaw (D-IL), for passing HB-2859 that amends the school code requiring elementary and secondary schools to include Black history in their curricula. Senator Shaw died on November 26, 2008. Thursday, his twin brother, former Chicago Alderman and Cook County Board of Appeals Commissioner Robert Shaw, will accept the recognition.

For ticket information, call Comm. Shaw at: 708-426-5680. For further information about WE CAN, Inc., please e-mail your interests including contact number, the name of your business and address to Florence Cox at the following e-mail:


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